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Air Pollution Impacts on Health: EPA STAR Research Grant Symposium

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Air Pollution Impacts on Health: EPA STAR Research Grant Symposium

March 28-9, 2012 – Although the respiratory and cardiovascular effects of air pollution have been documented for many years, the range of possible health outcomes has not been fully explored. Evidence is only beginning to emerge about the vulnerability of other endpoints, such as the nervous or immune systems, to aerosol particles, and about the heterogeneity of health responses due to individual  susceptibility or localized differences in exposure. At the same time, the effects of a nearly ubiquitous source such as roadway emissions remains poorly characterized even for traditional health endpoints, with important public health concerns and policy implications. Significant challenges remain in addressing these questions through epidemiological studies, whose ability to link specific components of air pollution to health outcomes may be improved by more advanced measuring and modeling approaches that take full advantage of all the tools available to atmospheric and health scientists.

EPA's National Center for Environmental Research, Science to Achieve Results (STAR) grantees will join EPA researchers to discuss their approaches for new projects and progress to date in dealing with these topics in an open forum with the broader scientific community.

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