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Valuing and Managing Ecosystems: Economic Research Sponsored by NSF/EPA
Proceedings of the first Workshop in the Environmental Policy and Economics Workshop Series

The purpose of the Environmental Policy and Economics Workshop Series is to hold in-depth workshops on timely topics that will further the use of economics as a tool for environmental decision making. Both NSF/EPA grant recipients and researchers (from EPA, fellow Federal agencies, academia, and others) will be invited to attend and discuss their on-going research. Topics will be chosen based on relevance to current EPA issues and, more broadly, to issues of concern to the environmental economics community. These topics will include exploration of innovations in economic research methods as well as how research will further environmental policy making and future environmental economic studies. "Valuing and Managing Ecosystems: Economic Research Sponsored by NSF/EPA" was the first workshop of this series. The Workshop included the following papers:

Morning Session Estimating the Value of Ecosystem Resources

Paper One: "Valuing Research Leads: Bioprospecting and the Conservation of Genetic Resources," by Gordon Rausser and Arthur Small

Paper Two: "Decision-Making Under Uncertainty in the Conservation of Biological Diversity," by Andrew Solow, Stephen Polasky, Jeffrey Camm, Raymond O'Connor and Blair Csuti

Afternoon Session Improving Stated Preference Valuation of Ecosystems

Paper One: "Developing Conjoint Stated Preference Methods for Valuation of Environmental Resources Within Their Ecological Context," by James Opaluch and Stephen Swallow

Paper Two: "Methods and Applications for Ecosystem Valuation: A Collage," by Stephen Swallow, Michael Spencer, Christopher Miller, Peter Paton, Robert Deegen, Laurienne Whinstanley, and Jason Shogren.

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