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Economic Valuation of Mortality Risk Reduction: Assessing the State of the Art for Policy Applications

This two-day workshop, co-sponsored by EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics and National Center for Environmental Research, was dedicated to exploring methods for valuing mortality risk reductions. The six sessions are listed below and can be downloaded separately. For a list of the papers delivered at the Workshop by session, see the report record in the Workshop database.

How to Obtain Report

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File Description Number of Pages File Size (KB) File Type
Session I, A Review of Current Approaches to Valuing Mortality Risks 123pp.
(PDF, about PDF)
Session II, Panel Discussion: International Perspectives on Valuing Mortality Risk for Policy 36pp.
(PDF, about PDF)
Session III, The Search for Improved Mortality Risk Estimates for Use in Policy Analyses 131pp.
(PDF, about PDF)
Session IV, Risk Characteristics 102pp.
(PDF, about PDF)
Session V, Population Characteristics 100pp.
(PDF, about PDF)
Session VI, Research Frontiers 41pp.
(PDF, about PDF)

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