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Collaborative Science and Technology Network for Sustainability Workshop

Principal Investigator Abstract/Presentation Presentation
Anderson, Paul Water Reuse: An Integral Part of Sustainable Water Resource Planning Print Version (PDF) (24 pp, 412 K)
Archfield, Stacey Integrating Water Supply Management and Ecological Flow Water Requirements Print Version (PDF) (32 pp, 673 K)
Goldberg, Terri Energy & Materials Flow & Cost Tracker (EMFACT) Print Version (PDF) (32 pp, 1.0 MB)
Goldstein, James Bringing Global Thinking to Local Sustainability Efforts: A Collaborative Project for the Boston Metropolitan Region Print Version (PDF) (27 pp, 512 K)
Gregory, Stan Harnessing the Hydrologic Disturbance Regime: Sustaining Multiple Benefits in Large River Floodplains in the Pacific Northwest Print Version (PDF) (62 pp, 6.6 MB)
Lara, Juan Sustainability of Land Use in Puerto Rico Print Version (PDF) (23 pp, 709 K)
Pulsipher, Susan Suitability Maps for the Sandhills Region, NC Print Version (PDF) (48 pp, 2.0 MB)
Schwartz, Stuart Cuyahoga Sustainability Network Print Version (PDF) (39 pp, 5.3 MB)
Van Ness, Keith Ecological Sustainability in Rapidly Urbanizing Watersheds: Evaluating Strategies Designed to Mitigate Impacts on Stream Ecosystems Print Version (PDF) (20 pp, 1.2 MB)
VCombe, Pamella Framework for Sustainable Watershed Management Print Version (PDF) (51 pp, 2.8 MB)
Vizzini, Dan Portlands Stormwater Marketplace Using Market Forces for Sustainable Stormwater Management Print Version (PDF) (34 pp, 986 K)
Vogel, Richard Integrating Water Supply And Ecological Flow Requirements Print Version (PDF) (46 pp, 3.6 MB)
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