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Research Results: Highly Cited Researchers at Public/Private Partnership Centers

The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) has identified the following NCER sponsored researchers as "Highly Cited Researchers." The citing of scientific papers is an important benchmark used to determine the progress and the state of scientific research. Inclusion in ISI's list is a distinct honor signifying the influence of the cited researcher's work. To learn more about ISI and how the list is compiled please visit: http://www.isihighlycited.com/. exit EPA

Name ISI Category ISI Link NCER Investigator Link
Arey, Janet Ecology/Environment ISI NCER
Dekant, Wolfgang Pharmacology ISI NCER
Freeman, Bruce A. Biology & Biochemistry ISI NCER
Grosjean, Daniel Engineering Ecology/Environment ISI NCER
Koutrakis, Petros Ecology/Environment ISI NCER
Lippmann, Morton Ecology/Environment ISI NCER
Spengler, John D. Ecology/Environment ISI NCER
Total Records: 7

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