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1997 DOE/NSF/NASA/USDA/EPA Partnership Interagency Funding Announcement - Joint Program on Terrestrial Ecology and Global Change Notice 97-02

The EPA Office of Research and Development's National Center for Environmental Research and Quality Assurance is pleased to announce its participation in the Joint Program on Terrestrial Ecology and Global Change under its 1997 Environmental Research Grants, Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Program. The closing date, forms, and information required for submission are specific to this announcement. Please review all sections of the announcement before applying.

This announcement resides on the Department of Energy's Internet Server. It is available only form DOE in HTML format. To view the announcement you will be leaving the EPA NCER Homepage. You may view the announcement at the following address:


You may download the entire announcement or print from the screen as you would any HTML Document.

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