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Research Opportunities

Submission Instructions for Electronic Applications

The electronic application package available through the exit EPA web site must be used for electronic submissions. In order to view the application package, download the PureEdge viewer (hyperlink available under "Apply for Grants" then "Apply Step 1"). The application package may be quickly accessed from exit EPA using either the CFDA number of 66.509 or Funding Opportunity Number 2005-STAR-XX. Be sure to download the electronic application package for the appropriate sorting code/topic area. It is recommended that you “Register to Receive Notification” of announcement updates.

The actual submission of an electronic application must be made by an authorized organizational representative (AOR) of the submitting institution who is registered with (most individual investigators will not be eligible to submit the application). Please see EPA , “Get Started” for further information. The registration process may take a week or longer. Please check with your Sponsored Programs or equivalent office to locate your AOR and see if your institution is registered. If your institution is not currently registered, encourage your AOR to begin the process immediately.

The complete application must be transferred to no later than 4:00 pm Eastern Time on the solicitation closing date (see “Submission Dates and Times”). An e-mail will be sent by NCER to the Principal Investigator and the Administrative Contact to acknowledge receipt of the application and to transmit other important information. The email will be sent from; email to this address will not be accepted. If an email acknowledgment from NCER (not has not been received within 30 days of the submission closing date, immediately contact the technical contact listed under "Agency Contacts" in this solicitation. Failure to do so may result in your application not being reviewed.

Documents must be submitted in Adobe Acrobat PDF format to maintain format integrity. Please submit the required documents as described below.

On the electronic Grant Application Package page, enter the Principal Investigator’s name, starting with the last name, in the “Application Filing Name” field.

A. Application for Federal Assistance (SF-424)

  1. Complete the form. There are no attachments.

B. EPA Key Contacts Form 5700-54

  1. Complete the form.
  2. If additional pages are needed, see “E. Other Attachments Form” below.

C. Project Narrative Attachment Form

  1. Compile the Research Plan followed by the Quality Assurance Statement into one document labeled ResearchPlanQA and submit it as the “Add Mandatory Project Narrative File.”
  2. Prepare a document with your abstract, label it Abstract, and submit it as an “Add Optional Project Narrative File.”
  3. Prepare one document containing all Resumes followed by Current and Pending Support (see format example located at, label it Resumes, and submit it as an “Add Optional Project Narrative File.”

D. Budget Narrative Attachment Form

  1. Where possible, prepare one document for your Budget and Budget Justification (see format example located at, label this document BudgetAndJustification, and submit it as the “Add Mandatory Budget Narrative.”
  2. If you cannot compile your Budget and Budget Justification into one document, prepare one document for each.
    a. Label your Budget document Budget and submit it as the “Add Mandatory Budget Narrative.”
    b. Label the Budget Justification document BudgetJustification and submit it as an “Add Optional Budget Narrative” document.
  3. When submitting letters of intent, first refer to the “Letters of Intent/Letters of Support” paragraph under Section H (Guidelines, Limitations and Additional Requirements) for additional information. Letters of intent appropriate for inclusion in the budget justification are to be compiled into one document named LettersofIntent and submitted as an “Add Optional Budget Narrative” document.

E. Other Attachments Form

  1. If Key Contacts Continuation pages are needed for the Key Contacts Form 5700-54, compile them into one document labeled ContactsContinuation and submit the document.
  2. Other appropriate documents may also be submitted here.

Once the application package has been completed, the “Submit” button will become active. Save your completed application package with two different file names before providing it to your AOR to avoid having to re-create the package should submission problems be experienced. Submission of the application package must be completed by your AOR.

Please close all other software before attempting to submit the application package. If you experience submission problems, please reboot your computer (turning the power off may be necessary) and re-attempt the submission. If you continue to experience submission problems, contact for assistance (Phone: 1-800-518-4726, Email: If submission problems are not quickly resolved, contact the NCER electronic submission support person, Bronda Harrison (Phone: 202-564-1790, Email:


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