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Frequent Questions

Q. Who is eligible to participate in the SBIR Program?
A. For questions related to eligibility for the SBIR Program, please refer to:  Frequently Asked Questions - SBIR

Q. Where can I find information about the current EPA SBIR Solicitation?
A. The Solicitation requirements are posted on the NCER/SBIR website and also the RTP Procurement website.  A SBIR Fact Sheet is posted on these sites which provides additional information about the program.

Q. After submitting a proposal, what is the next step?
A. Once a proposal has been issued and considered to be responsive, it will be forwarded for External Peer Review.  You may expect to receive written feedback in early January.  Proposals evaluated “Very Good” and “Excellent” will also undergo an EPA Programmatic Review, as described in the solicitation.  It is anticipated that approximately 25-30 contracts will be made in February  with a start date of March 1st.

Q. If a brief description/summary is provided about an offeror’s technology, could a representative from EPA recommend the topic that best fits our technology?
A. It is the complete responsibility of the offeror to select and identify the best topic for their proposals as stated in Section I of the Solicitation. However, proposers may communicate with EPA representatives outside of the open solicitation periods.  Also, proposers may use the previous year’s solicitation as a guide to the types of topics EPA is interested in.

Q. Can more than one proposal be submitted?
A. The same proposal cannot be submitted under more than one topic.  An organization may, however, submit separate proposals on different topics, or different proposals on the same topic, as long as the proposals are not duplicates of the same research principle modified to fit the topic.  If such duplicates are submitted, only one will be reviewed.  Refer to Sections IV, V and VI for additional requirements.

Q.  Can we request a copy of the Solicitation or supporting Appendices?
A.  This office does not mail copies of the solicitation.  However, the solicitation and appendices are available for download on the NCER/SBIR website

Q.  Do we need a DUNS number in order to submit a proposal?
A. EPA’s SBIR Program funds awards through contracts.  In order to do business with a Federal Agency, firms must be registered in the Central Contractor’s Registration (CCR) and will need a DUNS to complete the CCR.  The registration in both systems may take 2-5 days for completion after information is entered.  The proposal can be submitted without the registrations, but registrations must be completed before an award can be made.   The phone number to call to obtain more information on registration are 1-888-227-2423 or 269-961-5757.

Q. “What is” and “Who should be” the “Endorser” in regards to the proposal?
A.  The Endorser is usually the Principal Investigator or President of the Company.

Q. What is the best way to protect proprietary information contained in our proposal?
A. A Proprietary Notice is located on the bottom of Appendix A, “Proposal Cover Sheet”.

Q. Do we have to have a Tax Identification number before submitting a proposal?
A. No. BUT a Tax Identification is required at time of award.

Q.  Can a modification or update to a proposal be issued?
A.   An Offeror can submit changes, updates prior to the closing date.  After the closing date, there is NO opportunity to modify or update a proposal unless the change is requested by the Contracting Officer.

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