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U.S. EPA SBIR Phase I Kick-Off Meeting Posters

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U.S. EPA SBIR Phase I Kick-Off Meeting -April 5 - April 6, 2007 - Presentations on technology commercialization and SBIR Phase I and Phase II programs for all new SBIR Phase I awardees.

For more detailed information on this Meeting see:

Company Poster Title
Adherent Technologies, Inc. Fiber Optic Sensors with Hydrophilic, Radionuclide-Selective Cladding for the Detection of Radionuclides in Water Supplies (PDF) (1 pp, 111 K)
Advanced Fuel Research, Inc. Graded Interference Filter Spectrometer (PDF) (1 pp, 154 K)
Cooper Environmental Services, LLC Monitoring Metal Emissions with a XRF-Based CEMS (PDF) (1 pp, 97 K)
dTEC Systems, LLC A Low Cost Chemosensor for Measuring Phosphate in Water and Soil (PDF) (1 pp, 149 K)
Edenspace Systems Corporation Energy Crops for Reducing Areawide Lead Soil Contamination (PDF) (1 pp, 97 K)
Fort Environmental Laboratories Rapid Test Kit for Quantifying Hormonal Activity in Animal Feeding Operation Wastewater (PDF) (1 pp, 91 K)
Giner, Inc. Wireless Electrochemical CIO2 Monitor for Decontamination Operations (PDF) (1 pp, 55 K)
Integrated Genomics, Inc. Investigation Of Solvent Toxicity in Bacterial Strains Involved in Butanol Production (PDF) (1 pp, 271 K)
Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc. Nanoparticle Amplified High Sensitivity Multiplexed Lateral Flow Microarray Test Strip Assay for Waterborne Pathogens (PDF) (1 pp, 69 K)
KSE, Inc. Technology for Enhanced Biodiesel Economics (PDF) (1 pp, 98 K)
Leak Indicator Paint Systems, Inc. Regenerable Biocidal Nanocomposite Through Green Chemistry Process (PDF) (1 pp, 49 K)
Lesktech Limited Minerals Recovery of Copper Mine Tailings on Lake Superior Coastline for Use as Raw Material in the Mfg. of Roofing Shingles (PDF) (1 pp, 95 K)
Lynntech, Inc. An Inexpensive Biological and Chemical Decontamination Solution from a Powdered Concentrate (PDF) (1 pp, 54 K)
NanoScale® Corporation Nanocrystalline Materials for Removal of Reduced Sulfur and Nitrogen from Fuel Gas (PDF) (1 pp, 207 K)
NaSource Company Biodegradable Thermoplastic Natural Fiber Composite (PDF) (1 pp, 54 K)
Neathery Technologies, Inc. A Biomass Energy Process For Poultry Growing Operations (PDF) (1 pp, 91 K)
RMD, Inc. Low-Cost Instrument for Long-Term Monitoring of Hazardous Contaminants in Drinking Water (PDF) (1 pp, 70 K)
Seacoast Science, Inc. Handheld MEMS-based detector of toxins and toxigenic organisms indicative of Harmful Algal Bloom (PDF) (1 pp, 153 K)
Southeast TechInventures, Inc. Microbial Community Microarrays to Assess Mercury Contamination (PDF) (1 pp, 59 K)
TDA Research, Inc. Hot Fuel-Gas Sorbent System (PDF) (1 pp, 73 K)
TDA Research, Inc. Low-cost Biodiesel Production Process Using Waste Oils and Fats (PDF) (1 pp, 100 K)
Technology Applications Group, Inc. Non-Chromate Conversion Coatings for Magnesium Alloys (PDF) (1 pp, 98 K)


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