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Small Business Innovation Research - Questions & Answers

Clarification is being provided for the following questions received on the SBIR Phase I Program Solicitation No. PR-NC-05-10246. The due date for proposals will remain the same.

Q1: Are required 2.5 cm margins equivalent to one-inch margins in Microsoft Word?

A1: According to Merrian Webster's Collegiate Dictionary metric conversion chart, one inch equals 2.54 centimeters.

Q2: Is single-space permitted or is double spacing required?

A2: The solicitation does not have spacing requirements for page formatting. Either single-space or double space is acceptable.

Q3: On the Budget form under Consultants it asks for hours, rather than days as stated in the Appendix instructions. Which should be used hours or days?

A3: Offerors can propose either hours or days for the consultants. Unless otherwise indicated by the offeror, eight hours of consultant time is interpreted as the equivalent to one day.

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