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Adaptation for Future Air Quality Analysis and Decision Support Tools in Light of Global Change Impacts and Mitigation Kick-Off

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October 5, 2010 In the context of air quality, adaptation to climate change involves strategic actions to achieve and maintain air quality goals in light of climate change. The world, and the U.S. along with it, is moving toward mitigating emissions considered to be responsible for global climate change. As emission changes occur it is important to understand the implications for air pollution and existing air pollution control policies. Consideration of these changes in the context of a dynamic global economy are warranted since this will affect climate and air quality related emission sources. Grantees will help the scientific community better understand the interplay of climate factors and air pollution regulatory requirements on air quality outcomes.

EPA's National Center for Environmental Research, Science to Achieve Results (STAR) grantees will discuss the objectives, approaches, and plans for their new research projects with scientists from EPA, state agencies, other federal agencies, and industry.

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