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2003 Honorable Mention Scientific And Technological Achievement Awards (STAA)

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Honorable Mention - The Subcommittee has also added a fourth non-cash level award for research efforts which are noteworthy but which do not warrant a Level I, II or III award. Honorable Mention applies to research that: (1) may not quite reach the level described for a Level III award; (2) show a promising area of research that the Subcommittee wants to encourage; or (3) show an area of research that the Subcommittees feels is too preliminary to warrant an award recommendation (yet).

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Nominations Recommended for Honorable Mention (No Cash Award)
Total of Thirty-Three

Nom. #

Titles and Citations of

Submitted Papers

Eligible Authors* and

Nominating Organization


Award Level

Suggested Citation from

Nominating Organization


Evaluation of Nanofiltration Pretreatments for Flux Loss Control. Desalination, 130(2000):31-44 (2000)

Dr. Thomas F. Speth (80%)

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH

Honorable Mention

Evaluating Nanofiltration Pretreatment Processes to Control Flux Loss


NOx Adsorber Desulfation Techniques for Heavy-Duty On-Highway Diesel Engines. Society of Automotive Engineers Technical Paper Series, (01-2871):1-14 (2002)

Dr. Christopher A. Laroo (30%)
Dr. Charles R. Schenk (20%)
Dr. Brian A. Olson (20%)
Dr. Paul A. Way (20%)
Dr. Joseph F. McDonald (10%)

OTAQ, Ann Arbor, MI

Honorable Mention

Exceptional Technological Achievement in Advancing Technologies for Cleaner Heavy-Duty Diesel Applications


Pilot-Scale Studies on the Effect of Bromine Addition on the Emissions of Chlorinated Organic Combustion By-Products. Waste Management, 22(4):381-389 (2002)

Dr. Paul M. Lemieux (50%)
Dr. Eric S. Stewart (30%)
Dr. Jeffrey V. Ryan (20%)

NRMRL, Research Triangle Park, NC

Honorable Mention

Examining Interactions Between Bromine and Chlorine in Combustion Systems


a) High Efficiency NOx and PM Exhaust Emission Control for Heavy-Duty On-Highway Diesel Engines. Society of Automotive Engineers Technical Paper Series, (01-1351):1-13 (2001)

Dr. Charles R. Schenk (42.5%)
Dr. Joseph F. McDonald (30%)
Dr. Christopher A. Laroo (23.5%)
Dr. Brian A. Olson (5%)

OTAQ, Ann Arbor, MI

Honorable Mention

Exceptional Technological Achievement in Demonstrating the Emission Reduction Potential of Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines


Forest Ecosystem Recovery in the Southeast U.S.: Soil Ecology as an Essential Component of Ecosystem Management. Forest Ecology and Management, 155:187-203 (2002)

Dr. John M. Johnston (80%)

NERL, Athens, GA

Honorable Mention

Application of Soil Ecology and Forestry to Holistic Ecosystem Protection and Proactive Management of Soil Health


Selected Oxidation of Alcohols in Gas Phase Using Light-Activated Titanium Dioxide. Journal of Catalysis, 211:434-444 (2002)

Dr. E. Sahle-Demessie (65%)

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH

Honorable Mention

Research on the Selective Oxidation of Various Alcohols as a Potential Technology for Reducing Pollutants


Assessing the Ecological Importance of Coastal Wetlands in a Large Lake Context. Verh. Internat. Verein. Limnol., 27:1950-1961 (2000)

Dr. John C. Brazner (60%)
Dr. Michael Sierszen (15%)
Dr. Danny Tanner (15%)

NHEERL, Duluth, MN

Honorable Mention

Quantifying Ecological Linkages Between Coastal Wetlands and Large Lakes


Considerations for the Development of a Terrestrial Index of Ecological Integrity. Ecological Indicators, 1(2001):21-35 (2001)

Dr. James K. Andreasen (70%)

NCEA, Washington, DC

Honorable Mention

Advancing the Concept of Utilizing Ecological Indicators for Validating Environmental Policies


Developing and Applying a Benthic Index of Estuarine Condition for the Virginian Biogeographic Province. Ecological Indicators, 1(2):83-99 (2001)

Dr. John F. Paul (40%)
Dr. Daniel E. Campbell (10%)
Dr. Charles S. Strobel (10%)

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC

Honorable Mention

Developing and Applying an Index of Estuarine Benthic Community Condition for Habitats Across a Large Geographic Region


Relationships Among Total Lipid, Lipid Classes, and Polychlorinated Biphenyl Concentrations in Two Indigenous Populations of Ribbed Mussels ('Geukensia demissa') Over an Annual Cycle. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 20(3):575-581 (2001)

Dr. Barbara J. Bergen (40%)
Dr. William G. Nelson (30%)
Dr. Saroja Jayaraman (10%)

NHEERL, Narragansett, RI

Honorable Mention

Improving the Ability of the Agency to Make Accurate PCB Bioaccumulation Measurements and Predictions


Secondary Aerosolization of Viable 'Bacillus anthracis' Spores in a Contaminated US Senate Office. Journal of the American Medical Association, 288(22):2853-2858 (2002)

Dr. Christopher P. Weis (30%)
Dr. Aubrey K. Miller (15%)
Dr. Mark Durno (10%)

NEIC, Denver, CO

Honorable Mention

Assessing Human Exposure for Viable Anthrax Spores in the U.S. Senate


Why Does 5-Methylchrysene Interact with DNA as Both a Planar and Nonplanar Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon? Quantum Mechanical Studies. International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 88(1):99-106 (2002)

Dr. James Rabinowitz (40%)
Dr. Stephen Little (40%)

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC

Honorable Mention

Use of Computational Molecular Modeling to Understand the Relationship Between Chemical Structure and Toxicity for PAHs


Altered Gene Expression Profiles of Rat Lung in Response to an Emission Particulate and its Metal Constituents. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health Part A, 65(18):1333-1350 (2002)

Dr. Srikanth S. Nadadur (60%)
Dr. Urmila P. Kodavanti (40%)

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC

Honorable Mention

Integrating Genomic Technologies to Understand Molecular Mechanisms of Action for Particulate Matter


DNA Arrays to Monitor Gene Expression in Rat Blood and Uterus Following 17- B-Estradiol Exposure: Biomonitoring Environmental Effects Using Surrogate Tissues. Toxicological Sciences, 69(1):49-59 (2002)

Dr. John C. Rockett (25%)
Dr. David J. Dix (20%)
Dr. Robert J. Kavlock (5%)
Dr. Christy R. Lambright (10%)
Dr. Judith E. Schmid (10%)
Dr. Vickie S. Wilson (10%)
Dr. Carmen R. Wood (10%)

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC

Honorable Mention

Developing a New Genomic Approach for Monitoring Effects of Toxicant Exposures


Effects of Chronic Stress on Wildlife Populations: A Population Modeling Approach and Case Study. Coastal and Estuarine Risk Assessment: Risk on the Edge, :247-272 (2002)

Dr. Diane E. Nacci (20%)
Dr. Timothy R. Gleason (20%)
Dr. Ruth Gutjahr-Gobell (20%)
Dr. Marina Huber (20%)
Dr. Wayne R. Munns, Jr. (20%)

NHEERL, Narragansett, RI

Honorable Mention

Evolutionary and Other Compensatory Mechanisms in Wildlife Population Risk Assessment


Development of a Ct Equation for the Inactivation of Cryptosporidium Oocysts with Ozone. Water Research, 36(12):3141-3149 (2002)

Dr. Robert M. Clark (30%)
Dr. Mano Sivaganesan (30%)
Dr. Eugene W. Rice (20%)
Dr. Jimmy Chen (20%)

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH

Honorable Mention

Outstanding Research Intended to Protect the Health of American Consumers of Drinking Water


Cost Models for Water Supply Distribution Systems. Water Resources Planning and Management, 128(5):312-321 (2002)

Dr. Robert M. Clark (40%)
Dr. Mano Sivaganesan (40%)
Dr. Ari Selvakumar (5%)

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH

Honorable Mention

Significant Contributions to the Field of Cost Estimating for Environmental Infrastructure


Proposal for Including What is Valuable to Ecosystems in Environmental Assessments. Environmental Science & Technology, 35:2867-2873 (2001)

Dr. Daniel E. Campbell (100%)

NHEERL, Narragansett, RI

Honorable Mention

Developing a New Vision of Environmental Assessment Where "What is Valuable to Ecosystems" is Used to Define Risk Assessment Endpoints


A New Approach to Environmental Decision Analysis: Multi-Criteria Integrated Resource Assessment (MIRA). Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, 22(6):443-459 (2002)

Dr. Cynthia H. Stahl (33.3%)
Dr. Alan J. Cimorelli (33.3%)
Dr. Alice H. Chow (33.3%)

Philadelphia, PA

Honorable Mention

Developing the Multi-Criteria Integrated Resource Assessment (MIRA) Analytical Framework, a Novel and Innovative Approach to Environmental Decision Analysis


Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Fertilizers and Plant Tissue for Perchlorate. Applied Spectroscopy, 55(8):967-988 (2001)

Dr. Timothy W. Collette (55%)

NERL, Athens, GA

Honorable Mention

Innovative Research Definitively Determining the Extent of Perchlorate Occurrence in Fertilizers


Utility of Splenic Macrophage Aggregates as an Indicator of Fish Exposure to Degraded Environments. Journal of Aquatic Animal Health, 13:105-116 (2001)

Dr. John W. Fournie (60%)
Dr. Kevin J. Summers (15%)
Dr. Virginia D. Engle (10%)
Dr. Lee A. Courtney (10%)

NHEERL, Gulf Breeze, FL

Honorable Mention

Validating the Use of Splenic Macrophage Aggregates as Reliable Indicators of Exposure of Fish to Degraded Environments


The Ecological Condition of South Florida Estuaries. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 75:253-269 (2002)

Dr. John M. Macauley (50%)
Dr. Kevin J. Summers (10%)
Dr. Virginia D. Engle (20%)
Dr. Linda C. Harwell (20%)

NHEERL, Gulf Breeze, FL

Honorable Mention

Performing the First Comprehensive Assessment of South Florida Estuaries, Using a Probability-Based Design


Negative Ion Electrospray of Bromo- and Chloroacetic Acids and an Evaluation of Exact Mass Measurements with a Bench-Top Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 11(9):809-821 (2000)

Dr. William L. Budde (60%)

NERL, Cincinnati, OH

Honorable Mention

Research Demonstrating the Feasibility of Real-Time Monitoring of Disinfection Byproducts in Drinking Water


On-Road Emissions of PCDDs and PCDFs from Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles. Environmental Science & Technology, 36(13):3036-3040 (2002)

Dr. Brian K. Gullett (50%)
Dr. Jeffrey V. Ryan (50%)

NRMRL, Research Triangle Park, NC

Honorable Mention

Characterization of PCDD/F Emissions from Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles


Home Treatment Devices: Microbiology of Point of Use and Point of Entry Devices. The Encyclopedia of Environmental Microbiology, G. Gitton (Ed)., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., :1563-1575 (2002)

Dr. Donald J. Reasoner (100%)

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH

Honorable Mention

Contributing to State-of-the-Science Information on the Microbiology of Home Water Treatment Devices


Advancing Fine Root Research with Minirhizotrons. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 45:263-289 (2001)

Dr. Mark G. Johnson (35%)
Dr. David T. Tingey (30%)
Dr. Donald L. Phillips (30%)

NHEERL, Corvallis, OR

Honorable Mention

Advancement of Root Research Methods to Provide a Means to Assess the Effects of Environmental Stressors on Root Systems


Analyzing Drinking Water for Disinfection Byproducts. Analytical Chemistry, 74(9):260A-267A (2002)

Dr. Edward Todd Urbansky (50%)
Dr. Matthew L. Magnuson (50%)

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH

Honorable Mention

A Retrospective Examination of EPA's Role in Guiding and Stimulating Research on the Analytical Chemistry of Disinfection Byproducts


a) Monitored Natural Attenuation of Contaminants in the Subsurface: Processes. Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation (GWMR), 22(2):97-107 (2001)

Dr. Ann Azadpour-Keeley (85%)


Honorable Mention

The Innovative Presentation of Information for Evaluating the Efficacy of Using Monitored Natural Attenuation for the Remediation of Soil and Ground Water at Hazardous Waste Sites


Evaluating Degradation Rates of Chlorinated Organics in Groundwater Using Analytical Models. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry, 20(9):1909-1915 (2001)

Dr. John W. Washington (95%)

NERL, Athens, GA

Honorable Mention

Developing an Improved Model for Contaminant Fate and Demonstrating Utility of Laboratory Data to Environmental Fate


Trace Metal Leaching Behavior Studied Through the Use of Parametric Modeling of Water Borne Soil Particles Fractionated with a Split-Flow Thin Cell. Environmental Science & Technology, 36:4288-4294 (2002)

Dr. Matthew L. Magnuson (34%)
Dr. Keith Kelty (33%)
Dr. Catherine A. Kelty (33%)

NRMRL, Cincinnnati, OH

Honorable Mention

Advancement in Parametric Modeling Tools for Risk Management Decisions on Leaching of Pollutants from Environmentally Significant Particles


a) Selected Air Quality Trends and Recent Air Pollution Investigations in the US-Mexico Border Region. The Science of the Total Environment, 276(1-3):1-18 (2001)

Dr. Shaibal Mukerjee (70%)

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC

Honorable Mention

Assessment of Air Quality Indicators and Transboundary Air Pollution in the                                        US - Mexico Border Region


a) An Analytical Method for the Measurement of Nonviable Bioaerosols. Journal of Air & Waste Management Associates, 51(1047-3289):1436-1442 (2001)

Dr. Marc Y. Menetrez (60%)
Dr. Victor R. DeJesus (2%)

NRMRL, Research Triangle Park, NC

Honorable Mention

The Highly Original and Innovative Evaluation of New Boundaries of Environmental Science and Biological Contaminants


Atmospheric Concentrations and Fluxes of Organic Compounds in the Northern San Francisco Estuary. Environmental Science & Technology, 36(22):4741-4747 (2002)

Dr. Pam Tsai (90%)

San Francisco, CA

Honorable Mention

Contributing to the Science and Knowledge of the Air Quality and Atmospheric Deposition of Hazardous Air Pollutants in the San Francisco Bay Area

Key to Acronyms used in the above Table

NCEA National Center for Environmental Assessment

NCER National Center for Environmental Research

NERL National Exposure Research Laboratory

NEIC National Enforcement Investigations Center

NHEERL National Health and Environmental Effects Laboratory

NRMRL National Risk Management Research Laboratory

OPPT Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics

OTAQ Office of Transportation and Air Quality

*Note: The percentages given after name represent the current percent of the total level of effort as documented in the EPA nomination.

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