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2006 Level II Scientific And Technological Achievement Awards (STAA)

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Level II awards - are for those who have accomplished a notably excellent research or technological effort that has qualities and values similar to, but to a lesser degree, than those described under Level I. Awarded research has timely consequences and contributes as an important scientific/technological achievement within its discipline or field of study.

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Nominations Recommended for a Level II Award ($2500) -- Total of Eleven
Nom. # Titles and Citations of Submitted Papers Eligible Authors* and Nominating Organizations Ineligible Authors and Organization Citation
S6CS0001 Preliminary Estimates of Performance and Cost of Mercury Emission Control Technology Applications on Electric Utility Boilers: An Update. Environmental Progress, 24(2):198-213 (2005) Ravi K. Srivastava (70%)

NRMRL, Research Triangle Park, NC
James E. Staudt (20%) -- Andover Technology Partners, MA
Wojciech Jozewicz (10%) -- ARCADIS, NC
A Comprehensive Analysis of Performance and Cost Characteristics of Mercury Control Technologies for Utility Boilers
S6CS0002 Emissions of Chromium, Copper, Arsenic, and PCDDs/Fs from Open Burning of CCA-Treated Wood. Environmental Science & Technology, 39(22):8865-8876 (2005) Brian K. Gullett (25%)
William P. Linak (25%)
Shirley J. Wasson (25%)

NRMRL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Frank E. Huggins (10%) -- University of Kentucky
Charles J. King (5%) -- ARCADIS G&M, Inc., NC
Abderrahmane Touati (5%) -- ARCADIS G&M, Inc., NC
Yuanzhi Chen (2%) -- ARCADIS G&M, Inc., NC
Naresh Shah (2%) -- University of Kentucky
Gerald P. Huffman (1%) -- University of Kentucky
Characterizing Toxic Metal and Organic Emissions from the Open Burning of CCA-Treated Lumber
S6ER0092 Regional Dynamics of Wetland-Breeding Frogs and Toads: Turnover and Synchrony. Ecological Applications, 13:1522-1532 (2003) Peter C. Trenham (75%)

NHEERL, Duluth, MN
Walter D. Koenig (10%) -- Hastings Reservation, CA
Leslie A. Jagger (5%) -- USFS, WA
Michael J. Mossman (5%) -- Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Stacey L. Stark (5%) -- University of Minnesota - Duluth
Innovative Work on Addressing the Dynamic Nature of Amphibian Populations and the Factors Responsible
S6ER0094 An In Vivo Microdialysis Method for the Qualitative Analysis of Hepatic Phase I Metabolites of Phenol in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss). Aquatic Toxicology, 62:337-347 (2003) James M. McKim, III (35%)
Richard C. Kolanczyk (30%)

NHEERL, Duluth, MN
Laura E. Solem (35%) -- Duluth, MN In Vivo Hepatic Microdialysis for the Determination of Biotransformation Rates
S6ES0078 Fuel Consumption Modeling of Hybrid Vehicles in PERE. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Technical Paper Series, (2005-01-0627) Edward K. Nam (100%)

OTAQ, Ann Arbor, MI
  Exceptional Technical Achievement in the Development of the Advanced Technology Vehicle Model PERE
S6HE0014 a) Pre- and Postnatal Propylthiouracil - Induced Hypothyroidism Impairs Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity in Area CA1 of the Neonatal Rat Hippocampus. Endocrinology, 144(9):4195-4203 (2003)
b) Impairment in Short-Term but Enhanced Long-Term Synaptic Potentiation and ERK Activation in Adult Hippocampal Area CA1 Following Developmental Thyroid Hormone Insufficiency. Toxicological Sciences, 85(1):647-656 (2005)
c) Dose-Dependent Reductions in Spatial Learning and Synaptic Function in the Dentate Gyrus of Adult Rats Following Developmental Thyroid Hormone Insufficiency.  In Press. Brain Research, (1): (2005)
Mary Gilbert (65%)
Willard Anderson (5%)

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Li Sui (30%) -- Fudan University, China Critical Research to Link Developmental Thyroid Hormone Insufficiency to Long-Term Neurological Consequences
S6HE0016 Toward Cost-Benefit Analysis of Acute Behavioral Effects of Toluene in Humans. Risk Analysis, 25(2):447-456 (2005) Vernon A. Benignus (34%)
William K. Boyes (33%)
Philip J. Bushnell (33%)

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
  Developing an Approach to Quantifying Potential Benefits of Avoiding Acute Neurological Impairments
S6HE0028 a) Endogenous Reductants Support the Catalytic Function of Recombinant Rat cyt19, an Arsenic Methyltransferase. Chemical Research in Toxicology, 17(3):404-409 (2004)
b) Glutathione Modulates Recombinant Rat Arsenic (+3 Oxidation State) Methyltransferase-Catalyzed Formation of Trimethylarsine Oxide and Trimethylarsine. Chemical Research in Toxicology, 17(12):1621-1629 (2004)
John T. Creed (25%)
David J. Thomas (25%)

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Stephen B. Waters (30%) -- University of Illinois at Chicago
Luz Maria Del Razo (5%) -- National Polytechnical Institute, Mexico
Vicenta Devesa (5%) -- Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology, Spain
Michael Fricke (5%) -- Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, TN
Miroslav Styblo (5%) -- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Research Elucidating the Enzymatic Basis of the Methylation of Arsenic
S6MM0034 Comparison of Integrated Samplers for Mass and Composition during the 1999 Atlanta Supersites Project. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR) - Atmospheres, Special Issue for the Atlanta Supersites Project, 108(D7, 8413,dol:10):SOS11/1-26 (2003) Paul A. Solomon (86%)
Gary Norris (1%)

NERL, Las Vegas
NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Karsten Baumann (2%) -- Georgia Institute of Technology
Delbert Eatough (2%) -- Brigham Young University, UT
Sanjay Natarajan (2%) -- Research Triangle Institute, NC
Roger Tanner (2%) -- Tennessee Valley Authority, AL
Eric Edgerton (1%) -- Atmospheric Research and Analysis, Inc., NC
Hal Maring (1%) -- University of Miami
Michael B. Meyer (1%) -- Rupprecht & Patashnick Co., Inc., NY
William Modey (1%) -- Brigham Young University, UT
Dennis Savoie (1%) -- University of Miami

Scientific Methods Support to Enhance Use of Data from EPA's PM 2.5 National Chemical Speciation Monitoring Network
S6RA0057 Ecological Consequences of Nutrient Addition for Salmon Restoration. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 4(1):18-26 (2006) Jana E. Compton (45%)
Christian P. Andersen (10%)
J. Renee Brooks (5%)
Michael A. Cairns (5%)
M. Robbins Church (5%)
William E. Hogsett (5%)
Mark G. Johnson (5%)
Brenda C. McComb (5%)
Donald L. Phillips (5%)
Paul T. Rygiewicz (5%)

NHEERL, Corvallis, OR
Courtney Drake Shaff (5%) -- Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Ecological Consequences of Salmon Carcass Placement in Streams
S6TF0047 Photochemical Mineralization of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen to Ammonium in the Baltic Sea. Environmental Science and Technology, 39(18):6985-6992 (2005) Richard G. Zepp (50%)

NERL, Athens, GA
Anssi Vahatalo (50%) -- University of Helsinki, Finland Innovative Experimental and Modeling Techniques for Assessing Photoammonification of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen
Key to Acronyms used in the above Table
NCEA National Center for Environmental Assessment
NERL National Exposure Research Laboratory
NHEERL National Health and Environmental Effects Laboratory
NHSRC National Hazardous Substance Research Center
NRMRL National Risk Management Research Laboratory
OAQPS Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
OEI Offcice of Environmental Information
OPP Office of Pesticide Programs
ORIA Office of Radiation and Indoor Air
ORCR Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery
OSCP Office of Science Coordination and Policy
OTAQ Office of Transportation and Air Quality
*Note: The percentages given after name represent the current percent of the total level of effort as documented in the EPA nomination.

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