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2008 Level III Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA) Awarded Nominations

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Level III awards - are for those who have accomplished an unusually notable research or technological effort. The awards are for a substantial revision or modification of a scientific/technological principle or procedure, or an important improvement to the value of a device, activity, program, or service to the public. Awarded research relates to a mission or organizational component of the EPA, or significantly affects a relevant area of science/technology.

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Nominations Recommended for a Level III Award ($2,000) -- Total of Thirty
Nom. # Titles and Citations of Submitted Paper Eligible Authors* and Nominating Organization Ineligible Authors and Organization Citation
S08ER0011 Depth-specific patterns in benthic-planktonic food web relationships in Lake Superior
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 63(7):1496-1503 (2006)
Michael E. Sierszen
Gregory S. Peterson
Jill V. Scharold

NHEERL, Duluth, MN
Refining Depth-Specific Food Web Relationships in the Great Lakes
S08ER0014 Juvenile coho salmon growth and survival across stream network seasonal habitats
Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 135:1681-1697 (2006)
Joseph L. Ebersole
Parker J. Wigington, Jr.
Joan P. Baker
M. Robbins Church
Michael A. Cairns
Jana E. Compton
Scott G. Leibowitz

NHEERL, Corvallis, OR
Bruce A. Miller - Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Bruce P. Hansen - U.S. Forest Service
Henry R. LaVigne - Dynamac Corporation
Innovative Research on the Value of Seasonal Habitats and Intermittent Streams to Coho Salmon Populations
S08ER0020 Characterizing seiche and tide-driven daily water level fluctuations affecting coastal ecosystems of the Great Lakes
Journal of Great Lakes Research, 32(1):102-116 (2006)
Anett S. Trebitz

NHEERL, Duluth, MN
Providing Data and Analysis Tools Enabling Characterization of Seiche and Tide as Hydrologic Drivers for Coastal Ecosystems
Linked with S08TF0130
The role of nitrogen in chromophoric and fluorescent dissolved organic matter formation
Marine Chemistry, 103(1-2):46-60 (2007)
Richard G. Zepp

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Erin J. Biers - University of Georgia
Mary Ann Moran - University of Georgia
Creative Elucidation of the Role of Nitrogen in the Production of Colored Organic Substances in Coastal Ecosystems
S08HE0024 Pesticide Measurements from the First National Environmental Health Survey of Child Care Centers Using a Multi-Residue GC/MS Analysis Method
Environmental Science and Technology, 40(20):6269-6274 (2006)
Nicolle S. Tulve
Paul A. Jones
Carry W. Croghan
Roy C. Fortmann

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Marcia G. Nishioka - Battelle Memorial Institute
Joey Y. Zhou - U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine
Alexa Fraser - Westat, Inc.
Carol Cave - U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Warren Friedman - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Improving Our Understanding of Pesticides in Children's Everyday Environments
S08HE0027 (1) Computational Pharmacokinetics During Developmental Windows of Susceptibility
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A, 68(11-12):889-900 (2005)
(2) Predicting Age-Appropriate Pharmacokinetics of Six Volatile Organic Compounds in the Rat Utilizing Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling
Toxicological Sciences, 98(1):43-56 (2007)
Hugh A. Barton
Chester E. Rodriguez
John C. Lipscomb

NCCT, Research Triangle Park, NC
Deirdre A. Mahle - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Jeff M. Gearhart - Man Tech Environmental Technology, Inc.
David R. Mattie - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Robert S. Cook - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Characterizing the Impacts of Age-Specific Dosimetry on Risk Assessment
S08HE0030 (1) Dimethylthioarsinic Anhydride: A Standard for Arsenic Speciation
Analytical Chimica Acta, 583(1):78-83 (2006)
(2) Comparison of a Chemical and Enzymatic Extraction of Arsenic from Rice and an Assessment of the Arsenic Absorption from Contaminated Water by Cooked Rice
Environmental Science and Technology, 39(14):5241-5246 (2005)
Patricia A. Creed
John T. Creed
Carol A. Schwegel

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Michael W. Fricke - Schering Corporation
Amanda H. Ackerman
Amy N. Parks - Dynamac Corporation
Douglas T. Heitkemper - U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Nohora Vela Shockey - U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Matthias Zeller - Youngstown State University
William R. Cullen - The University of British Columbia
Mark Witkowski - U.S. Food and Drug Administration
The Speciation of Arsenic in Uncooked and Cooked Rice to Support Exposure Assessment in Endemic Areas
S08HE0031 Elevated PBDE Levels In Pet Cats: Sentinels for Humans?
Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T), 41(18):6350-6 (2007)
Janice A. Dye
Linda S. Birnbaum

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Marta Venier - Indiana University
Lingyan Zhu - Indiana University
Ronald A. Hites - Indiana University
Cynthia R. Ward - University of Georgia
Pet Cats as Sentinels to Assess Health Risk Related to Exposure to Brominated Flame Retardants
S08HE0033 (1) Tissue dosimetry, metabolism and excretion of pentavalent and trivalent monomethylated arsenic in mice after oral administration
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 208(2):186-197 (2005)
(2) Tissue dosimetry, metabolism and excretion of pentavalent and trivalent dimethylated arsenic in mice after oral administration
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, :9 (2007)
Michael F. Hughes
Blakely Adair - (currently National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Elaina M. Kenyon
David J. Thomas
John T. Creed

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Vicenta Devesa
Miroslav Styblo - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sean Conklin
Research in Determining the Disposition of Pentavalent and Trivalent Methylated Arsenicals in a Rodent Model
S08HE0035 Pesticide loadings of select pyrethroid and organophosphate pesticides in urban public housing
Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, : (2007)
Rhona Julien

Region 1, Boston, MA
Gary Adamkiewicz - Harvard School of Public Health
Jonathan Levy - Harvard School of Public Health
John Spengler - Harvard School of Public Health
Deborah Bennett - University of California
Marcia Nishioka - Battelle Laboratory
Research Examining Possible Linkages between Exposures to Indoor Contaminants and Adverse Health Outcomes
S08HE0042 Modeling population exposures to outdoor sources of hazardous air pollutants
Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, 18(1):45-58 (07/08)
Haluk Ozkaynak
Ted Palma
James Thurman
Jawad S. Touma

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Demonstrating the Importance of Exposure-Modeling Methods in Conducting Air Pollution Health Research
S08IR0049 Impact of Underestimating the Effects of Cold Temperature on Motor Vehicle Start Emissions of Air Toxics in the United States
Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association, 57(12):1469-1479 (2007)
James Richard Cook
Antonio M. Fernandez
David Brzezinski
James A. Thurman
Madeleine L. Strum
Chad R. Bailey
Carl A. Scarbro
Richard W. Baldauf

NVFEL, Ann Arbor, MI
Jawad S. Touma - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Darrell B. Ensley - Computer Sciences Corporation
Assessment of Impacts of an Uncharacterized Source of Vehicle Emissions, Leading to New Emission Standards
S08MM0053 Open burning of agricultural biomass: Physical and chemical properties of particle-phase emissions
Atmospheric Environment, 39(40):6747-6764 (2005)
Michael D. Hays
Christopher D. Geron
Brian K. Gullett

NRMRL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Philip M. Fine - South Coast Air Quality Management District
Michael J. Kleeman - University of California, Davis
The Chemical and Physical Characterization of PM2.5 Emitted from Agricultural Burning
S08MM0056 Interlaboratory evaluation of "Hyalella azteca" and "Chironomus tentans" short-term and long-term sediment toxicity tests
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 25(10):2662-2674 (2006)
Teresa J. Norberg-King
David Mount
Scott Ireland

NHEERL, Duluth, MN
Paul K. Sibley - University of Guelph
Christopher Ingersoll - Columbia Environmental Research Center
Nile Kemble - Columbia Environmental Research Center
G. Allen Burton - Wright State University
Carrie Rowland - Wright State University
Advancing the Use of Biological Test Methods as Monitoring Tools for Assessing Contaminated Sediments
S08MM0057 (1) Effect of Single Wide Tires and Trailer Aerodynamics on Fuel Economy and NOx Emissions of Class 8 Line-Haul Tractor-Trailers
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Technical Paper Series, Paper Number 2005-01-3551, :9 (2005)
(2) Fuel Economy Improvements and NOx Reduction By Reduction of Parasitic Losses: Effect of Engine Design
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Technical Paper Series, Paper Number 2006-01-3474, :10 (2006)
L. Joseph Bachman
Cheryl Bynum
Anthony Erb

OAR, Washington, DC
Brent Shoffner - Southwest Research Institute
Carl Ensfield - Sensors, Inc.
Hector De LaFuente - c/o Southwest Research Institute
Providing Scientific Documentation of Emissions-Reduction Technologies That Increase Fuel Efficiency
S08MM0070 (1) A null model for the expected macroinvertebrate assemblage in streams
Journal of the North American Benthological Society, 24(1):178-191 (2005)
(2) Selecting discriminant function models for predicting the expected richness of aquatic macroinvertebrates
Freshwater Biology, 51:359-372 (2006)
(3) Exclusion of rare taxa affects performance of the O/E index in bioassessments
Journal of the North American Benthological Society, 26(2):319-331 (2007)
John Van Sickle
D. P. Larsen

NHEERL, Corvallis, OR
C. P. Hawkins - Utah State University
A. T. Herlihy - Oregon State University
D. D. Duff - University of Minnesota
Developing New Methods to Build and Evaluate Bioassessment Models of Species Assemblages in the Nation's Surface Waters
S08MM0073 Opportunistic "Aspergillus" pathogens measured in home and hospital tap water by Quantitative PCR (QPCR)
Journal of Water and Health, 5(3):427-431 (2007)
Stephen J. Vesper
Richard A. Haugland

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Melissa E. Rogers - Ohio State University
Alice N. Neely - Shriners Hospital
Demonstrating a Rapid Method to Protect People from Exposure to Pathogenic Fungi in Drinking Water
S08OR0074 Occurrence of Antibiotic-Resistant Urpathogenic "Escherichia coli" Clonal Group A in Wastewater Effluents
Applied and Environmental Microbiolgy, 73(13):4180-4184 (2007)
Laura A. Boczek
Eugene W. Rice

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH
James R. Johnson - Minneapolis VA Medical Center
Brian Johnston - Minneapolis VA Medical Center
Research Showing the Significance of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Waste-Water, in Relation to Public Health
S08OR0079 Characterization of Air Emissions and Residual Ash from Open Burning of Electronic Wastes during Simulated Rudimentary Recycling Operations
Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, 9(1):69-79 (2007)
Brian K. Gullett
William P. Linak
Staci Gatica
Shirley J. Wasson

NRMRL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Abderrahmane Touati - ARCADIS-U.S., Inc.
Charles J. King - ARCADIS-U.S., Inc.
Determining Emissions of Hazardous Substances from Rudimentary Electronic Waste Recycling Methods
S08OR0083 Impact of Test Cycle and Biodiesel Concentration on Emissions
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Technical Paper Series, 2144(2007-01-4040):1-13 (2007)
Chien Sze
Rafal A. Sobotowski
Joan K. Whinihan - (currently Mitsubishi Motors R&D American)
Brian A. Olson
Charles R. Schenk

NVFEL, Ann Arbor, MI
Enhancing the Understanding of Biodiesel Impact on Emissions and Developing New Correlation Factors to Predict NOx Emissions
S08OR0086 (1) A Probabilistic Arsenic Exposure Assessment for Children Who Contact Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA)-Treated Playsets and Decks, Part 1: Model Methodology, Variability Results, and Model Evaluation
Risk Analysis: An International Journal, 26(2):515-531 (2006)
(2) A Probabilistic Arsenic Exposure Assessment for Children Who Contact Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA)-Treated Playsets and Decks, Part 2: Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analyses
Risk Analysis: An International Journal, 26(2):533-541 (2006)
Valerie Zartarian
Jianping Xue
Haluk Ozkaynak
Winston Dang

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Luther Smith - Alion Science and Technology, Inc.
Graham Glen - Alion Science and Technology, Inc.
Casson Stallings - Alion Science and Technology, Inc.
Probabilistic Exposure Modeling Used in EPA's Risk Assessment of Children Contacting CCA-Treated Playsets and Decks
S08RA0088 Critical Analysis of the Mathematical Relationships and Comprehensiveness of Life Cycle Impact Assessment Approaches
Environmental Science & Technology, 40(4):1104-1113 (2006)
Jane C. Bare

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH
Thomas P. Gloria - Life-Cycle Services, LLC Providing LCIA Analysis and Developing Mathematical Relationships of Midpoint, Endpoint, Damage and Areas of Protection
S08RA0091 A review of the mutagenicity and rodent carcinogenicity of ambient air
Mutation Research/Reviews in Mutation Research, 636(1-3):36-94 (2007)
Larry D. Claxton
George M. Woodall, Jr.

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Providing a Scholarly Review and Analysis of the Carcinogenicity and Mutagenicity of Urban Air
S08RA0095 Assessing Susceptibility from Early-Life Exposure to Carcinogens
Environmental Health Perspectives, 113(9):1125-1133 (2005)
Hugh A. Barton
Lynn Flowers
Woodrow Setzer
Tracey Woodruff - (currently University of California, San Francisco)
V. James Cogliano - (currently International Agency for Research on Cancer)
Larry Valcovic

NCEA, Washington, DC
Analysis of the Risk Assessment Implications of Early-Life Exposure to Carcinogens Considering Mode of Action
S08RA0106 Toxicoproteomics and its application to human health risk assessment
Proteomics-Clinical Application, 1(12):1613-1624 (2007)
Yue Ge
R. Julian Preston
Russell D. Owen

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Reviewing the Role of Toxicoproteomics in Assessing Key Events in the Risk Assessment Process
S08RA0107 Interactive effects of solar UV radiation and climate change on biogeochemical cycling
Photochemical and Photobiological Science, 6(3):286-300 (2007)
Richard G. Zepp

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Nigel D. Paul - Lancaster University
Barbara Sulzberger - EAWAG
David J. Erickson - Computational Earth Sciences Group
Innovative Assessment of Current Research on the Effects of Ozone and Climate Changes on Biogeochemical Cycles
S08RM0109 Enhanced Corrosion-Based Pd/Mg Bimetallic Systems for Dechlorination of PCBs
Environmental Science & Technology, 41(10):3722-3727 (2007)
Souhail Al-Abed

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH
Shirish Agarwal - University of Cincinnati
Dionysios Dionysiou - University of Cincinnati
Developing Bimetallic Particles for Reductive Dechlorination of Calcitrant Organic Contaminants in Sediments
S08TF0120 Development and analysis of air quality modeling simulations for hazardous air pollutants
Atmospheric Environment, 40:5087-5096 (2006)
Deborah Luecken
William Hutzell
Gerald Gipson

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Demonstrating the Capability to Predict Concentrations of Hazardous Air Pollutant Concentrations in the U.S.
S08TF0121 Use of GIS and ancillary variables to predict volatile organic compound and nitrogen dioxide levels at unmonitored locations
Atmospheric Environment, 40(20):3773-3787 (2006)
Shaibal Mukerjee
Melissa Gonzales - University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Lucas Neas
Gary Norris
Haluk Ozkaynak

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Luther Smith - Alion Science and Technology, Inc.
Casson Stallings - Alion Science and Technology, Inc.
Contributions in Monitoring and Modeling Traffic and Urban Air Pollution for Children's Health Studies
S08TF0128 (1) Analysis of Perfluorinated Carboxylic Acids in Soils: Detection and Quantitation Issues at Low Concentrations
Journal of Chromatography A, 1154(1-2):111-120 (2007)
(2) Analysis of Perfluorinated Carboxylic Acids in Soils II: Optimization of Chromatography and Extraction
Journal of Chromatography A, (10.1016): (2007)
John W. Washington
J. Jackson Ellington
W. Matthew Henderson

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Thomas M. Jenkins
John J. Evans
Developing Methods That Establish the Essential Basis for Flurotelomer Research That is a High Priority for EPA
Linked with S08ER0023
Production of Hydrated Electrons from Photoionization of Dissolved Organic Matter in Natural Waters
Environmental Science & Technology, 41(5):46-60 (2007)
Richard G. Zepp

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
Wei Wang - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Oliver C. Zafiriou - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Neil V. Blough - University of Maryland
Iu-Yam Chan - Brandeis University
Creative Experimental Techniques Used to Evaluate Pollutant Reductions by Photoionization of Natural Organic Matter
Key to Acronyms used in the above Table
OA Office of the Administrator
NERL National Exposure Research Laboratory
NHEERL National Health and Environmental Effects Laboratory
NRMRL National Risk Management Research Laboratory
OAQPS Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
OPP Office of Pesticide Programs
ORIA Office of Radiation and Indoor Air
OSCP Office of Science Coordination and Policy
ORCR Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery
*Note: The percentages given after name represent the current percent of the total level of effort as documented in the EPA nomination.

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