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2010 Level I Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA) Awarded Nominations

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2010 STAA Awards

The 2010 STAA Awards are Now Available:
Level I | Level II | Level III | Honorable Mentions

The Science Advisory Board STAA nomination review committee elected not to review the nominations submitted to the Project and Research Reports Pilot Category. ORD is currently seeking other means of recognizing these accomplishments.

Level I awards are for those who have accomplished an exceptionally high-quality research or technological effort. The awards recognize the creation or general revision of scientific or technological principle or procedure, or a highly significant improvement in the value of a device, activity, program, or service to the public. Awarded research is of national significance or has high impact on a broad area of science/technology. The research has far reaching consequences and is recognizable as a major scientific/technological achievement within its discipline or field of study.

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Nominations Recommended for a Level I Award ($10,000) -- Total of Six
Nom. # Publication Title & Full Citation Eligible Authors Ineligible Authors Lab/Office/Institution Citation
S10CS0008 A Bayesian Method for Calculating Real-Time Quantitative PCR Calibration Curves Using Absolute Plasmid DNA Standards
BMC Bioinformatics, 9(120): (2008)
Orin C. Shanks
Mano Sivaganesan
Richard A. Haugland
Manju Varma
Shawn Siefring
NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH The Development of a Molecular Biology Data Analysis Model
S10ER0033 (1) Geographic, Anthropogenic, and Habitat Influences on Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Fish Assemblages
Canadian J. Fisheries Aquatic Sciences, 66:1328-1342 (2009)
(2) Patterns in Habitat and Fish Assemblages within Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands and Implications for Sampling Design
Canadian J. Fisheries Aquatic Sciences, 66:1343-1354 (2009)
Anett S. Trebitz
John C. Brazner
Mark S. Pearson
Danny K. Tanner
Gregory S. Peterson
Debra L. Taylor
Corlis W. West
Nicholas P. Danz
Tom Hollenhorst
NHEERL, Duluth, MN Advancing Understanding of Biotic Responses to Anthropogenic Stressors in Coastal Receiving Waters
S10MM0087 (1) Quantitative PCR for Detection and Enumeration of Genetic Markers of Bovine Fecal Pollution
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 74(3):745-752 (2008)
(2) Quantitative PCR for Genetic Markers of Human Fecal Pollution
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 75(7):5507-5513 (2009)
Richard A. Haugland
Manju Varma
Catherine A. Kelty
Jorge Santo Domingo
Shawn Siefring
Orin C. Shanks
Mano Sivaganesan
Jingrang Lu
Rachel T. Noble
A. Denene Blackwood
Emina Atikovic
NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH The Development of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Methods for the Detection of Human and Cow Fecal Pollution
S10OR0091 (1) Terminology of Developmental Abnormalities in Common Laboratory Mammals (Version 2)
Birth Defects Research Part B, 86:227-327 (2009)
(2) Terminology of Developmental Abnormalities in Common Laboratory Mammals (Version 2)
Reproductive Toxicology, 28:371-434 (2009)
(3) Terminology of Developmental Abnormalities in Common Laboratory Mammals (Version 2)
Congenital Anomalies, 49:123-246 (2009)
Susan Makris
Howard Solomon
Ruth Clark
Kohei Shiota
Stephane Barbellion
L. David Wise
Makoto Ema
Michio Fujiwara
Konstanze Grote
Keith P. Hazelden
Kok-Wah Hew
Masao Horimoto
Yojiri Ooshima
Meg Parkinson
Jochen Buschmann
NCEA, Washington, DC Completion of an International Collaborative Project and Publication of a Primary Reference on Developmental Terminology
S10OR0093 (1) A Meta-Analysis of Children's Hand-to-Mouth Frequency Data for Estimating Nondietary Ingestion Exposure
Risk Analysis, 27(2):411-420 (2007)
(2) A Meta-Analysis of Children's Object-to-Mouth Frequency Data for Estimating Non-Dietary Ingestion Exposure
Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, : (2009)
Jianping Xue
Valerie Zartarian
Jacqueline Moya
Nicolle Tulve
Natalie Freeman
Paloma Beamer
Kathy Black
Willa AuYeung
Stuart Shalat
NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Refining Probabilistic Distributions of Exposure Factors for Use in Human Exposure Modeling and Risk Assessments
S10TF0133 (1) Estimates of the Contributions of Biogenic and Anthropogenic Hydrocarbons to Secondary Organic Aerosol at a Southeastern US Location
Atmospheric Environment, 41(37):8288-8300 (2007)
(2) B-Caryophyllinic Acid: An Atmospheric Tracer for B-Caryophyllene Secondary Organic Aerosol
Geophysical Research Letters, 34(L05816):1-4 (2007)
(3) Composition of PM2.5 During the Summer of 2003 in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Atmospheric Environment, 41(19):4073-4083 (2007)
Edward O. Edney
Tadeusz E. Kleindienst
Michael Lewandowski
John H. Offenberg
Mohammed Jaoui
Prakash V. Bhave
NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Developing Laboratory-Based Techniques for Determining Precursors to Secondary Organic Aerosol in Ambient Environments
Key to Acronyms used in the above Table
OA Office of the Administrator
NERL National Exposure Research Laboratory
NHEERL National Health and Environmental Effects Laboratory
NRMRL National Risk Management Research Laboratory
OAQPS Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
OPP Office of Pesticide Programs
ORIA Office of Radiation and Indoor Air
ORCR Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery
OSCP Office of Science Coordination and Policy
*Note: The percentages given after name represent the current percent of the total level of effort as documented in the EPA nomination.

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