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2013 Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards (STAA) Honorable Mentions

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2013 STAA Awards

The 2013 STAA Awards are Now Available:
Level I | Level II | Level III | Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention - The Subcommittee has also added a fourth non-cash level award for research efforts which are noteworthy but which do not warrant a Level I, II or III award. Honorable Mention applies to research that: (1) may not quite reach the level described for a Level III award; (2) show a promising area of research that the Subcommittee wants to encourage; or (3) show an area of research that the Subcommittees feels is too preliminary to warrant an award recommendation (yet).

Environmental Sampling  Underwater research  Field sampling  Students participating in science open house

Nominations Recommended for Honorable Mention -- Total of Thirty-Nine
Nom. ID Publication Title & Full Citation Eligible/Ineligible Authors Lab/Office/Institution Citation
S13CS0001 (1) Emissions of PCDD/Fs, PCBs, and PAHs from a Modern Diesel Engine Equipped with Catalyzed Emission Control Systems

Environmental Science & Technology, 45(15):6420-6428 (2011)

(2) Emissions of PCDD/Fs, PCBs, and PAHs from legacy on-road heavy-duty diesel engines

Chemosphere, 89(11):1287-1294 (2012)

Christopher A. Laroo

Charles R. Schenk

L. James Sanchez

Joseph McDonald

Peter L. Smith (Non-EPA)

OTAQ, Ann Arbor, MI Innovative Emissions Research and Development of Sampling Methods to Advance the EPA's Understanding of Diesel Emissions
S13EE0003 (1) Emissions Characterization of Residential Wood-Fired Hydronic Heater Technologies

Atmospheric Environment, 63:239-249 (2012)

(2) Characterization of Carbonaceous Aerosols Emitted from Outdoor Wood Boilers

Energy and Fuels, 25(12):5632-5638 (2011)

John S. Kinsey

Michael D. Hays

William P. Linak

Brian K. Gullett

Charly J. King

Tiffany L.B. Yelverton

Abderrahmane Touati (Non-EPA)

Johanna Aurell (Non-EPA)

James Robinson (Non-EPA)

Seung-Hyun Cho (Non-EPA)

William Preston (Non-EPA)

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH Characterization of the Air-Pollutant Emissions from Wood-Fired Hydronic Heaters
S13EP0004 Management Relevance of Benthic Biogeography at Multiple Scales in Coastal Waters of the Northeast US

Environmental Management, DOI 10.100:1-13 (2012)

Stephen S. Hale

Melville P. Cote, Jr.

Renee Searfoss

Mark A. Tedesco

NHEERL, Narragansett, RI Describing the Relevance of Biogeographic Data to the EPA and the Effects of New Sustainability Initiatives on the EPA
S13EP0005 Recreation Demand Estimation and Valuation in Spatially Connected Systems

Resource and Energy Economics, 32(2 SI):222-240 (2010)

Stephen C. Newbold

D. Matthew Massey

NCEE, Washington, DC Advancing Recreational Demand Modeling by Accounting for Species Population Dynamics and Habitat Selection
S13EP0006 A Demonstration of the Necessity and Feasibility of Using a Clumsy Decision Analytic Approach on Wicked Environmental Problems

Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, 9(1):17-30 (2012)

Cynthia Stahl

Alan Cimorelli

Region 3, Philadelphia, PA Recognition of Wicked Problems and Helping to Advance Science-Based and Solutions-Oriented Environmental Policy Decision Making at the EPA through the Development and Demonstration of a Stakeholder-Driven, Transparent and Learning-Focused Approach
S13ER0009 (1) Assessment of Probable Causes of Reduced Aquatic Life in the Touchet River, Washington, USA

Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 16:87-115 (2010)

(2) Causal assessment of biological impairment n the Little Floyd River, Iowa, USA

Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 16:116-148 (2010)

(3) An Iterative Approach for Identifying the Causes of Reduced Benthic Macroinvertebrate Diversity in the Williamatic River, Connecticut

Government Report, :121 (2010)

Susan M. Cormier

Michael LeMoine

Chad D. Wiseman (Non-EPA)

Danelle Haake (Non-EPA)

Christopher Bellucci (Non-EPA)

Guy Hoffman (Non-EPA)

Arthur Stewart (Non-EPA)

Tom Wilton (Non-EPA)

Ken Krier (Non-EPA)

NCEA, Cincinnati, OH A Collection of Ecological Studies Using Epidemiological Methods
S13ER0012 (1) Effects of a Glucocorticoid Receptor Agonist, Dexamethasone, on Fathead Minnow Reproduction, Growth, and Development

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 31(3):611-622 (2012)

(2) Effects of Gemfibrozil on Lipid Metabolism, Steroidogenesis, and Reproduction in the Fathead Minnow (Pimephales promelas)

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 31(11):2615-2624 (2012)

(3) Short-Term Study Investigating the Estrogenic Potency of Diethylstilbesterol in the Fathead Minnow (Pimephales promelas)

Environmental Science & Technology, 46:7826-7835 (2012)

Carlie A. LaLone

Gerald T. Ankley

Daniel L. Villeneuve

Michael D. Kahl

Kathleen M. Jensen

Elizabeth M. Durhan

Elizabeth A. Makynen

Rodney D. Johnson

Allen W. Olmstead

Sarah Y. Skolness (Non-EPA)

Olufemi B. Adedeji (Non-EPA)

Chad A. Blanksma (Non-EPA)

Jenna E. Cavallin (Non-EPA)

Linnea M. Thomas (Non-EPA)

Sara M. Seidl (Non-EPA)

Leah C. Wehmas (Non-EPA)

Natália Garcia-Reyero (Non-EPA)

Edward J. Perkins (Non-EPA)

Elizabeth K. Medlock (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Duluth, MN Novel Strategies for Evaluating Toxic Effects of Pharmaceuticals Commonly Detected in the Environment
S13ER0013 In Vivo Assessment and Potential Diagnosis of Xenobiotics that Perturb the Thyroid Pathway: Proteomic Analysis of Xenopus Laevis Brain Tissue Following Exposure to Model T4 Inhibitors

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part D, Genomics and Proteomics, 5(2):138-150 (2010)

Jose A. Serrano

Sigmund J. Degitz

Gary W. Holcombe

Joseph E. Tietge

Joseph J. Korte

Patricia A. Kosian

LeeAnn Higgins (Non-EPA)

Bruce A. Witthuhn (Non-EPA)

Lorraine B. Anderson (Non-EPA)

Todd W. Markowski (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Duluth, MN Development of Efficient Tools to Assess the Potential of Differential-Protein Profiling for Diagnosis of T4 Inhibition
S13ER0015 (1) Effects of a Dopamine Receptor Antagonist on Fathead Minnow Dominance Behavior and Ovarian Gene Expression in the Fathead Minnow and Zebrafish

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 73:478-485 (2010)

(2) Ecotoxicogenomics to Support Ecological Risk Assessment: A Case Study with Bisphenol A in Fish

Environmental Science & Technology, 46:51-59 (2012)

(3) A Graphical Systems Model and Tissue-Specific Functional Gene Sets to Aid Transcriptomic Analysis of Chemical Impacts on the Female Teleost Reproductive Axis

Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis, 746:151-162 (2012)

Daniel L. Villeneuve

Gerald T. Ankley

Elizabeth J. Durhan

Kathleen M. Jensen

Michael D. Kahl

Elizabeth A. Makynen

Lyle D. Burgoon

Stephen W. Edwards

Carlie A. LaLone

Natalia Garcia-Reyero (Non-EPA)

Edward J. Perkins (Non-EPA)

Dalma Martinovic-Weigelt (Non-EPA)

Jenna E. Cavallin (Non-EPA)

Nathaniel D. Mueller (Non-EPA)

Lindsey S. Blake (Non-EPA)

B. Lynn Escalon (Non-EPA)

Linnea M. Thomas (Non-EPA)

Zhenhong Li (Non-EPA)

Karen H. Watanabe (Non-EPA)

Edward F. Orlando (Non-EPA)

Nancy D. Denslow (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Duluth, MN

Research Supporting Effective Application of Transcriptomics in Ecotoxicology and Ecological Risk Assessment

S13ER0108 Ecosystem Services of Coastal Habitats and Fisheries: Multi-scale Ecological and Economic Modeling

Dr. Jordan, Steven J.    (60%)
Dr. O'Higgins, Timothy    (30% Non-EPA)

Mr. Dittmar, John    (10% Non-EPA)

NHEERL Demonstrating the Values of Ecosystem Services Provided by Critical Coastal Habitats
S13ER0109 Ecosystem Development after Mangrove Wetland Creation: Plane-Soil Change Across a 20-Year Chronosequence

Dr. Osland, Michael J.   (26%)

Dr. Spivak, Amanda C.   (8%)

Dr. Nestlerode, Janet A.    (8%)

Mr. Almario, Alejandro    (8%)

Dr. Russell, Marc J.   (5%)

Mr. Dantin, Darrin D.   (5%)

Mr. Harvey, James E.   (5%)

Dr. Lessmann, Jennine M.   (8% Non-EPA)

Mr. Heitmuller, Paul T.   (8% Non-EPA)

Mr. Alvarez, Federico    (8% Non-EPA)

Dr. Krauss, Ken W.   (5% Non-EPA)

Mr. From, Andrew S.   (2% Non-EPA)

Dr. Cormier, Nicole    (2% Non-EPA)

Dr. Stagg, Camille L.   (2% Non-EPA)
NHEERL Assessing the Ecosystem Services Generated by the Creation of a Mangrove Wetland during a 20-year Period
S13ER0110 Sediment-Water Fluxes of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon, O2, Nutrients,and N2 from the Hypoxic region of the Louisiana Continental Shelf

Dr. Lehrter, John C.   (60%)

Mr. Beddick, David L.   (25%)

Dr. Devereux, Richard    (5%)

Ms. Yates, Diane F.   (5%)

Dr. Murrell, Michael C.   (5%)
NHEERL Effects of Hypoxia on Sediment Oxygen and Nutrient Cycling
S13HE0019 Predicting Residential Air Exchange Rates from Questionnaires and Meteorology: Model Evaluation in Central North Carolina

Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T), 44(24):9349-9356 (2010)

Michael S. Breen

Ronald W. Williams

Bradley D. Schultz

Miyuki Breen (Non-EPA)

NERL, Reseach Triangle Park, NC Modeling Residential Air-Exchange Rates to Support Air-Pollution Risk Assessments
S13HE0020 (1) Hepatic Xenobiotic Metabolizing Enzyme and Transporter Gene Expression Through the Life Stages of the Mouse

PLoS One, 6(9):e24381 (2011)

(2) Transcriptional Ontogeny of the Developing Liver

BMC Genomics, 13:33 (2012)

(3) Meta-Analysis of Gene Expression in the Mouse Liver Reveals Biomarkers Associated with Inflammation Increased Early During Aging

Mech Ageing Dev., 133(7):467-78 (2012)

Chris Corton

Janice S. Lee

William Ward

Beena Vallanat

Hongzu Ren

Barbara D. Abbott

Don Delker

Geremy Knapp

Jie Liu (Non-EPA)

Karen Ho (Non-EPA)

Seth J. Karp (Non-EPA)

Gretchen Darlington (Non-EPA)

Eun-Soo Han (Non-EPA)

James DeFord (Non-EPA)

Papaconstantinou John (Non-EPA)

Colin Selman (Non-EPA)

Juan C. Laguna (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Durham, NC Exceptional Research Leading to a Comprehensive Assessment of Xenobiotic Metabolism Genes through All Lifestages
S13HE0023 (1) Susceptibility of Inflamed Alveolar and Airway Epithelial Cells to Injury Induced by Diesel Exhaust Particles of Varying Organic Carbon Content

Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A: Current Issues, 73(8):565-580 (2010)

(2) Nitric Oxide and Superoxide Mediate Diesel Particle Effects in Cytokine-treated Mice and Murine Lung Epithelial Cells-Implications for Suscetibility to Traffic-related Air Pollution

Particle & Fibre Toxicology, 9(2):43 (2012)

(3) Diesel Exhaust Particles Induce Aberrant Alveolar Epithelial Directed Cell Movement by Disruption of Polarity Mechanisms

Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A: Current Issues, 76(2):71-85 (2013)

Janice A. Dye

Adriana J. LaGier

Ralph Slade

Judy H. Richards

John K. McGee

Alan D. Ledbetter

Nicholas D. Manzo (Non-EPA)

Linda D. Martin (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Use of Innovative Approaches to Investigate Mechanisms of Traffic PM Health Effects in At-Risk Populations
S13HE0025 Allergens in Household Dust and Scrological Indicators of Atopy and Sensitization in Detroit Children with History-Based Evidence of Asthma

Journal of Asthma, 48(7):674-684 (2011)

Ann H. Williams

Jane E. Gallagher

James Travis Smith

Edward E. Hudgens

Haluk A. Ozkaynak

Scott W. Rhoney

Robert G. Hamilton (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Chapel Hill, NC Associations between Self-Collected Dust Allergens and Serological Measures of Childhood Allergy and Asthma
S13HE0026 Proteome profiling reveals potential Toxicity abd detoxifcation pathways following exposure of BEA S-2B cells to engineered nanparticle titanium dioxide

Proteomics, 11(12):2406-2422 (2011)

Yue Ge

Maribel Bruno

Witold Winnik

Kathleen Wallace

Raju Y. Prasad (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC The First Comprehensive Proteomic Picture of Titanium-Dioxide Toxicity and Detoxification Pathways to Support Risk Assessment
S13HE0028 Role of Oxidative Stress on Diesel-Enhanced Influenza Infection in Mice

Particle and Fiber Toxicology, 34:1-15 (2010)

Mathew I. Gilmour

Quentin T. Krantz

Charly King

Elizabeth Boykin

William P. Linak

Kymberly M. Gowdy (Non-EPA)

Ilona Jaspers (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Demonstrating the Role of Oxidative Stress on Diesel-Enhanced Influenza Infection
S13HS0046 Detection of Multiple Waterborne Pathogens Using Microsequencing Arrays

Journal of Applied Microbiology, 114(2):564-73 (2012)

Nichole E. Brinkman

Eric N. Villegas

Tonya L. Nichols

Frank W. Schaefer, III

Paul Schaudies (Non-EPA)

Doreen Robinson (Non-EPA)

Robert Francisco (Non-EPA)

NERL, Cincinnati, OH Developing Innovative Detection Methods for Microbial Select Agents and Pathogens in Water
S13HS0047 Laboratory Evaluation of Large-Scale Decontamination Approaches

Journal-Journal of Applied Microbiology, 112(5):874-882 (2012)

Michael Worth Calfee

Shawn P. Ryan

Joseph P. Wood

Leroy Mickelsen

Carlton Jeff Kempter

Lori Miller (Non-EPA)

Michele Colby (Non-EPA)

Abderrahamane Touati (Non-EPA)

Matthew Clayton (Non-EPA)

Nicole Griffin-Gatchalian (Non-EPA)

Francis Delafield (Non-EPA)

NHSRC, Cincinnati, OH Research to Support Wide-Area Decontamination
S13HS0048 (1) Inactivation of Vegetative Bacterial Threat Agents on Environmental Surfaces

Journal-Science of the Total Environment, 44:387-396 (2012)

(2) The Effects of Environmental Conditions on Persistence and Inactiviation of Brucella suis on Building Material Surfaces

Journal - Letters in Applied Microbiology, 54(6):504-510 (2012)

Michael Worth Calfee

Morgan Wendling

NHSRC, Cincinnati, OH Investigations into the Persistence and Inactiviation of Non-Spore-Forming Biological Threat Agents
S13IE0051 Lead Pipe Scale Analysis Using Broad-Beam Argon Ion Milling to Elucidate Drinking Water Corrosion

Microscopy and Microanalysis, 17:284-291 (2011)

Mallikarjuna Nadagouda

Darren Lytle

Colin White (Non-EPA)

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH Argon Ion Milling to Elucidate Drinking-Water Corrosion
S13IE0052 (1) Novel Pd based Catalyst for the Removal of Organic and Emerging Contaminants

RSC Advances (Royal society of Chemistry, : (2012)

(2) Multifunctional Silver Coated E-33/Iron Oxide Water Filters: Inhibition of Biofilm Growth and Arsenic Removal

RSC Advances (Royal society of Chemistry, : (2012)

Mallikarjuna Nadagouda

Darren Lytle

Carlo Cruz

Duck J. Yang (Non-EPA)

Colin White (Non-EPA)

Ishan Desai (Non-EPA)

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH Development of New Media for Water Purification

(1) Green Chemistry by Nano-Catalysis

Green Chemistry, 12:743-754 (2010)

(2) Magnetically Separable Nanoferrite-Anchored Glutathione: Aqueous Homocoupling of Arylboronic Acids Under Microwave Irradiation

Green Chemistry, 12:1540-1543 (2010)

(3) Nano-Organocatalyst: Magnetically Retrievable Ferrite-Anchored Glutathione for Microwave-Assisted Paal-Knorr Reaction, Aza-Michael Addition and Pyrazole Synthesis

Tetrahedron, 66:1091-1097 (2010)

Rajender S. Varma

Vivek Polshettiwar (Non-EPA)

Rafael Luque (Non-EPA)

Babita Baruwati (Non-EPA)

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH Developing Innovative Strategies for the Generation, Handling and Application of Nanomaterials
S13MM0058 (1) Ground Water Sample Preservation at In-Situ Chemical Oxidation Sites - Recommended Guidelines

US EPA Ground Water Issue Paper, 600/R-12/0: (2012)

(2) Binary Mixtures of Permanganate and Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds in Groundwater Samples: Sample Preservation and Analysis

Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation, 32(3):84-92 (2012)

Scott G. Huling

Karen T. Johnson

Margie St. Germaine

Saebom Ko (Non-EPA)

Bruce Pivetz (Non-EPA)

NRMRL, Ada, OK Ground-Water Sample Preservation at In-Situ Chemical Oxidation Sites-Critical Analysis and Guidelines
S13MM0114 Use of Computed Tomography Imaging for Quantifying Coarse Roots, Rhizomes, Peat, and Particle Densities in Marsh Soils

Dr. Davey, Earl W.   (30%)

Dr. Wigand, Cathleen    (30%)

Ms. Johnson, Roxanne L.   (15%)

Ms. Sundberg, Karen    (5% Non-EPA)

Dr. Morris, James T.   (5% Non-EPA)

Dr. Roman, Charles T.   (5% Non-EPA)
NHEERL Use of Computed Tomography Imaging to Quantify and Assess Roots, Rhizomes and Peat in Wetlands
S13MM0115 Trophic Status, Ecological Condition and Cyanobacteria Risk of New England Lakes and Ponds based on Aircraft Remote Sensing

Dr. Keith, Darryl J.   (48%)

Dr. Milstead, William B.   (20%)

Mr. Szykman, James J.   (10%)

Dr. Walker, Henry A.   (5%)

Mr. Snook, Hilary    (5%)

Mr. Wusk, Michael S.   (4% Non-EPA)

Mr. Howell III, Charles T.   (4% Non-EPA)

Mr. Kagey, Leslie O.   (2% Non-EPA)

Mr. Mellanson, Cecil D.   (2% Non-EPA)
NHEERL Remote Sensing of New England Freshwater Ecosystems for Condition, Status and Cyanobacteria Risk to Human Health
S13MM0116 The New Bedford Harbor Superfund Site Long-Term Monitoring Program (1993-2009)

Dr. Nelson, William G.   (50%)

Dr. Bergen, Barbara J.   (50%)
NHEERL Development of a Long-Term Monitoring Program to Assess Remedial Effects and Effectiveness at a Marine Superfund Site
S13OR0067 Particle Size Distributions of Metal and Non-Metal Elements in an Urban Near-Highway Environment

Atmospheric Environment, 45:925-934 (2010)

Michael D. Hays

Richard Baldauf

Seung-Hyun Cho (Non-EPA)

James J. Schauer (Non-EPA)

Martin Shafer (Non-EPA)

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH Providing Heretofore Unavailable Information about the Chemical Nature of the Near Roadway Environment
S13OR0070 Rehabilitation of Aging Water Infrastructure Systems: Key Challenges and Issues

ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 18(3):202-209 (2012)

Ariamalar Selvakumar

Anthony N. Tafuri

NRMRL, Edison, NJ Contribution to the Field of Rehabilitation of Aging Water Infrastructure
S13RA0073 "DEHP: Genotoxicity and potential carcinogenic mechanisms--A review

Mutation Research /Reviews in Mutation Research, 751:82-157 (2012)

Jane C. Caldwell

NCEA, Arlington, VA DEHP Database Review for Genotoxicity/Cancer Mode-of-Action: Applicability for Future Analyses of Complex Databases
S13RA0076 From Molecules to Management: Adopting DNA-based Methods for Monitoring Biological Invasions in Aquatic Environments

Environmental Research, 111(7):978-988 (2010)

John A. Darling

Andrew R. Mahon (Non-EPA)

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Guidance on Application of DNA-Based Invasive Species Detection Tools in Decision-Making Contexts
S13RA0078 A Review: On the Frontier, Analytical Chemistry and the Occurrence of Illicit Drugs into Surface Waters in the USA

Book Chapter in: Illicit Drugs in the Environment: Occurrence, Analysis, and Fate using Mass Spectrometry, :171-188 (2011)

Tammy Jones-Lepp

David A. Alvarez (Non-EPA)

Bommanna Loganathan (Non-EPA)

NERL, Las Vegas, NV A Review of Illicit Drugs In the Environment for Better Awareness of the Role between Society and the Environment
S13RA0118 A Review of the Elements of Human Well-Being with an Emphasis on the Contribution of Ecosystem Services

Mr. Summers, James K.   (80%)

Ms. Smith, Lisa M.   (10%)

Dr. Linthurst, Rick A.   (5%)

Mr. Case, Jason    (5% Non-EPA)
NHEERL Assessing the Relationships among Human Well-Being, Ecosystem Services and Sustainability

Moving  Beyond the Udorthent - a Proposed Protocol for Surveying Urban Soils to Service Data Needs for Contemporary Urban Ecosystem Management

Peer-review, Soil Survey Horizons (now Soil Horizons), : (2011)

William Shuster

Patrick Clark

Brooke Furio

Patrick Drohan (Non-EPA)

April Barkasi (Non-EPA)

Stephen Dadio (Non-EPA)

Todd Houser (Non-EPA)

Jared Shaffer (Non-EPA)

Russ Losco (Non-EPA)

Amanda Kelty (Non-EPA)

Jeff Wander (Non-EPA)

Karl Reinbold (Non-EPA)

Tim Gerber (Non-EPA)

Jim Wigington (Non-EPA)

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH Understanding the Role of Urban Soils in the Development of Effective Green Infrastructure
S13SI0091 Hydrologic Futures: Using Scenario Analysis to Evaluate Impacts of Forecasted Land Use Change on Hydrologic Services

Ecosphere (www.esajournals.org), 3(7 (Article 69)):1-25 (2012)

William G. Kepner

Elizabeth S. Brown (Non-EPA)

Molly M. Ramsey (Non-EPA)

Meghann E. Jarchow (Non-EPA)

Katherine J.M. Dickinson (Non-EPA)

Alan F. Mark (Non-EPA)

NERL, Las Vegas, NV Evaluating Hydrological Response to Forecasted Future Land-Use Change

An Environmental Assessment of United States Drinking Water Watersheds

Landscape Ecology, 26(5):605-616 (2011)

James Wickham

Timothy Wade

Kurt Ritters (Non-EPA)

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Environmental Assessment of the Nation's Drinking-Water Resources
S13TF0094 Reginal scale photochemical model and evaluation of total mercury wet deposition and speciated ambient mercury
Atmospheric Environment-printed text and online, 49:151-162 (2012)

Kirk R. Baker

Jesse O. Bash

OAQPS, Research Triangle Park, NC Mercury Photochemical Model Evaluation
S13TF0095 Effect of Imposed Anaerobic Conditions on Metals Release From Acid-Mine Drainage Contaminated Streambed Sediments
Water Research/paper, 45(1):328-336 (2011)

Barbara A. Butler

NRMRL, Cincinnati, OH Effect of Change in Environmental Conditions on Metal Mobility from Mining-Impacted Sediments
S13TF0098 Method Development and Application to Determine Potential Plant Uptake of Antibiotics and other Drugs in Irrigated Crop Production Systems
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 58(22):11568-11573 (2010)

Tammy L. Jones-Lepp

Charles A. Sanchez (Non-EPA)

Reza Kazemi (Non-EPA)

Thomas Moy (Non-EPA)

NERL, Las Vegas, NV Better Understanding of Interactions between Wastewater Reuse and Potential for Crop Contamination from Antibiotics
S13TF0100 The Meteorology-Chemistry Interface Processor (MCIP) for the CMAQ Modeling System: Updates through MCIPv3.4.1
Geoscientific Model Development, 3(1):243-256 (2010)

Tanya L. Otte

Jonathan E. Pleim

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Linking Meteorological and Chemical Models to Improve Air Quality and Understand Its Interactions with Climate Change
S13TF0101 (1) Assessing Multi-Year Changes in Modeled and Observed Urban NOx Concentrations from a Dynamic Model Evaluation Perspective
Atmospheric Environment, 44:2894-2901 (2010)

(2) Dynamic Evaluation of a Regional Air Quality Model: Assessing the Emissions-Induced Weekly Ozone Cycle
Atmospheric Environment, 44:3583-3596 (2010)

Samohineeveesu T. Rao

James Godowitch

George Pouliot

Thomas Pierce

Christian Hogrefe (Non-EPA)

Steven Porter (Non-EPA)

Michael Ku (Non-EPA)

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Demonstrating Innovative Approaches for Evaluating the Dynamic Performance of a Regional Air Quality Model
S13TF0102 Model Forecasts of Atrazine in Lake Michigan in Response to Various Sensitivity and Potential Management Scenarious Journal of Great Lake Research, 38(1):1-10 (2011)

Kenneth R. Rygwelski

Russell G. Kreis, Jr.

Xiaomi Zhang (Non-EPA)

NHEERL, Grosse lle, MI Demonstration of a Deterministic Model to Predict Atrazine Transport, Fate and Aquatic-Life Impact in Lake Michigan
S13TF0103 (1) Influence of Collector Surface Composition and Water Chemistry on the Deposition of Cerium Dioxide Nanoparticles QCM-D and Column Experiment Approaches, 46(12):6681-6688 (2012)

(2) Distinct Effects of Humic Acid on Transport and Retention of Tio2 Rutile Nanoparticles in Saturated Porous Media, 46(13):7142-7150 (2012)

Chunming Su

Xuyang Liu (Non-EPA)

Gexin Chen (Non-EPA)

NRMRL, Ada, OK Systematic Study of the Effects of Mineral Components and Organic Matter on Transport of Nano-Sized Ceria and TiO2

(1) Comparative evaluation of the impact of WRF/NMM and WRF/ARW meteorolgy on CMAQ simulations for PM 2.5 and its related precursors during 2006 TexAQS/GoMACCS study

Atmos.Chem. Phys., 12:4091-4106 (2012)

(2) Comparative evaluation of the impact of WRF-NMM and WRF-ARW meterology on CMAQ simulations for O3 and related species during the 2006 TexAQS/GoMACCS campaign
Atmospheric Pollution Research (APR), 3:149-162 (2012)

Shaocai Yu

Rohit Mathur

Jonathan Pleim

George Pouliot

David Wong

Brian Eder

Kenneth Schere

Robert Gilliam

Samohineeveesu T. Rao

NERL, Research Triangle Park, NC Advancing Knowledge about Transport and Fate of PM2.5, O3 and Their Precursors in the Atmosphere
S13TF0105 Assessment of Subsurface Drainage Management Practices to Reduce Nitrogen Loading Using AnnAGNPS
Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 27((3)):335-344 (2011)

Yongping Yuan

Ronald L. Bingner

Martin A. Locke

Fred D. Theurer (Non-EPA)

Jim Stafford (Non-EPA)

NERL, Las Vegas, NV Providing Best Drainage Practices to Reduce Nitrogen Losses from Agricultural Fields for Water Quality Improvement
Key to Acronyms used in the above Table
OA Office of the Administrator
NERL National Exposure Research Laboratory
NHEERL National Health and Environmental Effects Laboratory
NRMRL National Risk Management Research Laboratory
OAQPS Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
OPP Office of Pesticide Programs
ORIA Office of Radiation and Indoor Air
ORCR Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery
OSCP Office of Science Coordination and Policy
*Note: The percentages given after name represent the current percent of the total level of effort as documented in the EPA nomination.

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