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Venture Capital Investment in Environmental Technology Recommendations from the NACEPT Report

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The April 2008 NACEPT report to the Administrator on EPA and the Venture Capital Community: Building Bridges to Commercialize Technology recommends actions that both EPA and the venture capital community can take to increase investment in the commercialization of environmental technologies over the long-term. A work group consisting of members of the NACEPT Subcommittee on Environmental Technology and outside members who are experts in the financing of environmental technology interviewed nine senior members of the venture capital industry whose companies invest in environmental technology. Some of the interviewees were former senior administrators of environmental agencies. In this session some of the interviewees discussed the reports recommendations and explained why and how they think EPA and the venture capital community should be working together.

Session was chaired by: Phil Helgerson, NACEPT Subcommittee on Environmental Technology

Presentations and presenters included:

  • How Investing in Environmental and Clean Technologies Helps EPA Satisfy its Environmental and Public Health Responsibilities Hank Habicht, SAIL Venture Partners
  • Commercializing Technologies from DOE Laboratories Lessons for EPA Kef Kasdin, Battelle Ventures
  • Metrics and Monitoring of Environmental Technologies Bryan Martel, Environmental Capital Group, LLC
  • How an Active Investment Role Can Make EPA an Environmental Improvement Agency Eric McAfee, Cagan McAfee Capital Partners
  • Markets, Opportunities, and Needs for Investment in Environmental Technology with EPA Support Chuck McDermott, RockPort Capital Partners

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