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NHEERL and SOT Form Partnership To Conduct Research Related to Toxicity Testing in 21st Century Initiative

NHEERL has recently entered into a CRADA with the Society of Toxicology (SOT) to conduct research related to toxicity testing in the 21st century initiative. The project entitled "Comparison of Rodent and Human Models for High-Throughput Neurotoxicity Screening" will compare the effects of 16 chemicals using mouse and a human neuroprogenitor cells. Proliferation and apoptosis, processes critical to the developing nervous system, as well as cytotoxicity, will be compared in the two cell types to determine whether human neuroprogenitor cells are a better model for high-throughput testing than the mouse cells. This CRADA will complement ongoing research in NHEERL's Neurotoxicology program that is directed toward development of high-throughput assays to identify compounds that may alter nervous system development. This work also will provide additional information to support Agency decisionmaking about large inventories of previously untested chemicals.

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