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MED Scientists Organize Great Rivers Ecosystems Special Session at Annual Meeting of North American Benthological Society

Ecological research on great rivers has lagged behind research on smaller rivers and streams. For the mid-continent great rivers of the United States, the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio rivers, a recent EPA research effort, the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program for Great Rivers (EMAP-GRE) has increased the knowledge of the ecology of these rivers and has motivated the development of new bioassessment tools for large rivers. This special session of the Annual Meeting of the North American Benthological Society, to be held in Grand Rapids, MI, May 17-22, 2009, highlights the recent ecological research on these rivers conducted by EMAP-GRE participants and by other scientists working in the mid-continent great rivers. The underlying theme of the session is how basic and applied ecological research findings are relevant for river monitoring, management, and restoration. The session, organized by Brian Hill and Ted Angradi (Mid-Continent Ecology Division [MED]), consists of 18 presentations by Federal, basin commission, State, and university researchers.

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