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WED ScientistsTo Attend INTECOL Conference

Dixon Landers and Jim Wigington of NHEERL's Western Ecology Division (WED), Freshwater Ecology Branch, have been invited to speak at the 10th International Congress of Ecology (INTECOL) in Brisbane, Australia, August 16-21, 2009. The INTECOL conference theme is "Ecology in a Changing Climate, Two Hemispheres, One Globe." Ecologists from around the world will explore how global climate change has impacted, and will impact further, ecosystems and their vital services to human communities. They will explore unique features of ecosystems in the southern and northern hemispheres but look for common elements in a search for solutions to this looming problem. INTECOL's international meetings, which are held every 4 years, are the major forums for the global community of ecological scientists and practitioners.

Dr. Wigington will present a paper entitled "Ecological Functions of Riparian Zones in Oregon Hydrological Landscapes," which is based on his project team's research on nonnavigable streams and wetlands. Dr. Landers will be a co-convener of an ecosystems services session, where his experience in developing national indicators of ecosystem services for aquatic ecosystems will be presented. Prior to the INTECOL meeting, he will be the guest international speaker at a satellite mini-symposium on ecosystem services at the Institute for Water and Environmental Resource Management in Sydney, Australia. The mini-symposium is sponsored by the Institute for Water and Environmental Resource Management and the Institute for Sustainable Futures.

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