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ISTD Researcher To Head Up OECD Subgroup in Paris

William Mundy, a neurotoxicologist with NHEERL's Integrated Systems Toxicology Division's (ISTD's) Systems Biology Branch, has been asked by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to participate in a meeting of its Advisory Group on Molecular Screening in Paris, France, October 26-28, 2009. There, he will be the head of the subgroup on Developmental Neurotoxicoloty Testing (DNT). Dr. Mundy will present a talk giving an overview of progress of the DNT subgroup in identifying appropriate chemicals for screening, identifying the appropriate end points and assays relevant to neurodevelopment, and developing a strategy to validate assays and interpret high-throughput data. Dr. Mundy will meet with scientists from the OECD subgroups to revise the Advisory Group plans to develop high-throughput screening assays and harmonize data evaluation procedures that will result in chemical prioritization for further testing. He then will meet with Dr. Barbara Demeniux at her laboratory to observe the use of in vitro techniques for the assay of chemical effects on thyroid-mediated developmental processes.

Dr. Mundy's participation in these activities will ensure that the Agency is current on new methods and approaches that are being used to build new toxicity testing paradigms in the international community. This exchange of information will be important in setting future research priorities as ORD and NHEERL begin implementing research programs on new methods for chemical screening and prioritization.

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