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AED Pilots Sustainable Energy Generation

NHEERL’s Atlantic Ecology Division (AED) is working with OARM’s Facilities Management and Services Division (FMSD) to develop a demonstration project for hybrid sustainable energy generation at its facility in Narragansett, RI. This project involves rooftop electricity generation utilizing wind and solar energy and is the first project of its kind within EPA. In working with AED’s facilities management, FMSD has provided contractual support, funding, and design services.

AED has contracted for the installation and commissioning of a multiple-panel solar array and vertical wind turbine hybrid system. The electricity generated will offset AED’s laboratory renovation lighting load. The system will have the capability of switching from electricity provided by the local public utility to that generated onsite, based on sustainable electricity availability. The solar array is designed to deliver 4 kW of energy, and the four vertical-axis wind turbines will generate a total of 4 kW as well.

AED anticipates that this project will help professional engineers and facility managers to understand the engineering complexities driving today’s sustainable energy movement. Installation complexities for the AED project include design and installation within the building’s structural footprint and accounting for seismic generation and protection of the equipment from coastal elements and storms.

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