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AED Scientists To Initiate Collaborative Riverine and Estuarine Emerging Contaminants Project

EPA’s Office of Science Policy, along with the U.S. State Department, operate a program to engage former biological and chemical weapons scientists in recently independent states to conduct beneficial environmental research. The Former Bio-Chemical Weapons Scientists Redirect Program funds environmental studies by scientists in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and other former Soviet Union countries. Participants collaborate with EPA scientists to develop scientifically sound and relevant projects designed to better understand and manage environmental problems in the host country. NHEERL Atlantic Ecology Division (AED) scientists Robert Burgess and Kay Ho are initiating a project with Ukrainian scientists at several institutes in Odessa and Kyiv, Ukraine, to better understand the magnitude, concentrations, and adverse effects of legacy and emerging contaminants discharged into Ukraine’s riverine and estuarine systems. In mid-July 2011, Dr. Burgess and Dr. Ho will spend 5 days meeting with Ukrainian scientists to begin the project. Discussions will include selecting sampling sites, identifying legacy and merging contaminants for analysis, and reviewing toxicological procedures for the new project.

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