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EPHD Scientist Editor of Newly Published Book on Pollutants

Marc A. Williams, a biologist at the NHEERL Environmental Public Health Division (EPHD) Cardiopulmonary and Immunotoxicology Branch, is the editor of Allergens and Respiratory Pollutants―The Role of Innate Immunity, which is to be available from Biohealthcare Publishing (Oxford) Limited in June 2011. The book, a collection of authoritative chapters that draws on the expert contributions of local experts and national and international leaders in the field, critically explores the biological and immunotoxicological mechanisms and health outcomes of a dysregulated immune system on exposure to ambient pollutants, virus infection, and other challenges. The clinical relevance of exposure to ambient airborne xenobiotics is discussed, and, collectively, this book provides an educational forum that aligns the health effects of environmental pollutant exposures, immune dysfunction, and inflammatory airways disease. A detailed understanding of the response of the pulmonary system to the external environment provides important information on the immune pathogenesis of many airways diseases, foremost among which is allergic asthma, for which there is no cure. Dr. Williams says, “Students of immunotoxicology, basic immunology and public health programs, as well as basic scientists in the fields of applied biology, immunology, toxicology, and environmental medicine, will find this book a useful reference material.” For more details, go to http://www.biohealthcarepublishing.com/biohealthcare_publishing_book_detaila.php?id=425 Exit EPA Disclaimer

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