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GED Decision Scientist To Attend Stakeholder Workshop in Vieques

John F. Carriger, a postdoctoral ecologist with NHEERL’s Gulf Ecology Division (GED) Biological Effects and Population Response Branch, will be attending a community involvement workshop for contamination issues in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Since 2005, lands once used by the U.S. Navy in Vieques have been targeted for investigation and remediation under Superfund. The Navy, in conjunction with other Federal and territorial partners, conducts stakeholder workshops to better understand the opinions of residents and inform them of restoration progress and initiatives. Over the past decade, Navy community involvement personnel have honed their workshop methods to foster quality interactions between residents and experts. Dr. Carriger will be conducting his own valuation workshops with Patricia Bradley of the Atlantic Ecology Division and the coral reef team from GED in Puerto Rico next year. Dr. Carriger hopes to draw from the Navy’s experiences in engaging community members on restoration topics and incorporate them into his own workshop designs for southwest Puerto Rico. For more information about the Vieques Island restoration program, visit http://public.lantops-ir.org/sites/public/vieques/default.aspx Exit EPA Disclaimer

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