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NHEERL Scientists Co-organize Cooperators Meeting on Pesticides, Predators, Multiple Stressors, and the San Joaquin Valley Kit Fox

NHEERL’s Western Ecology Division (WED), in partnership with ORD’s Office of the Science Advisor and the University of Washington (UW), is convening a cooperators meeting at the University of California, Kearney Agricultural Research and Agricultural Center in Parlier, CA, on September 27, 2011, to discuss “Pests, Predators, and Multiple Stressors in Agroecosystems: The San Joaquin Kit Fox.” This meeting will present cooperative research between EPA and UW being initiated under the Pesticide Registration Improvement Renewal Act and seek input from a variety of specialists in the southern San Joaquin Valley and other areas. This research is fostered through collaboration between ORD and the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention Programs (OCSPP). Participants at the meeting will include scientists from the UW, the University of California, and California State University, Stanislaus; scientists and managers from EPA (WED, OCSPP, ORD, and Region 9); representatives from a variety of California State agencies and southern San Joaquin Valley counties; and others, such as representatives from nonprofit organizations. The UW scientists will present their research on how scenarios of pesticide management under current conditions and plausible, future climate and land-use scenarios would impact rodent populations and the endangered foxes that prey on them in important agroecosystems. This research uses the HexSim animal population model developed by WED scientists. Meeting discussions will provide insight and information from those directly concerned with the San Joaquin Kit fox in the southern San Joaquin Valley, which will serve to enhance the value of this research in informing decisions on rodenticide use and alternative integrated pest management approaches.

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