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ORD Scientists Collaborate on Study of Ingested Silver Nanoparticles

Scientists from NHEERL; NERL; NRMRL; and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), have collaborated to examine chemical and physical changes that might occur in silver nanoparticles that are ingested with food or water. These studies exposed silver nanoparticles to synthetic human stomach fluid to see how ingested nanoparticles could be altered by the stomach’s very acidic environment. A variety of analytical methods showed that nanoparticles formed large aggregates and produced silver chloride when exposed to stomach fluid. Changes in nanoparticle physical form and surface chemistry that occur in the stomach may affect how much silver will be absorbed across the gastrointestinal barrier. This work will appear in a paper entitled “Alterations in physical state of silver nanoparticles exposed to synthetic human stomach fluid” in the journal Science of the Total Environment. The authors are Kim R. Rogers (NERL), Karen Bradham (NERL), Thabet Tolaymat (NRMRL), David J. Thomas (NHEERL Integrated Systems Toxicology Division Pharmacokinetics Branch), Thomas Hartmann(UNLV), Longzhou Ma (UNLV), and Alan Williams (NERL).

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