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Technology Information Summaries

Vendor-Supplied Information (EPA/600/S-10/003)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Homeland Security Research Program conducts third-party performance evaluations of commercially available homeland security related technologies to support a variety of stakeholders and interested parties including water utility operators, emergency responders, and consequence managers.

EPA asked vendors to voluntarily provide information on new technologies or those under development. The Technology Information Summaries (TIS) contain vendor-supplied information that has not been separately verified or validated by EPA.

Vendor contact information is available on each TIS.

Disclaimer: Support for this report has been provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under Contract No. GS-23F-0011L SIN 871-3. References in this report to any specific commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise does not constitute or imply the endorsement, recommendation, or favor of the U.S. Government.

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XMX-CV Aerosol Collection System (PDF) (3 pp, 302 K) X X X
Vertide TM Ceeker™ (PDF) (3 pp, 315 K) X X X
TURBOFOG (PDF) (3 pp, 274 K) X X X X
StreetLab Mobile™ (PDF) (3 pp, 295 K) X X X X X
s::can spectro::lyser™ (PDF) (5 pp, 379 K) X X X
RAMP® Biodetection System (PDF) (4 pp, 334 K) X X X X
Nuclear Survival Kit™ (PDF) (3 pp, 325 K) X X X X
Emergency RadDecon Kit™ (PDF) (3 pp, 333 K) X X X
PROENGIN AP4C (PDF) (4 pp, 309 K) X X X X
PROENGIN AP2C (PDF) (4 pp, 308 K) X X X X
Portable Motor Vehicle Cabin Air Purifier (PDF) (4 pp, 390 K) X X X X X
Purified Hydrogen Peroxide Gas (PHPG) (PDF) (3 pp, 292 K) X X X X
OMNI™ 3000 (PDF) (3 pp, 326 K) X X X X X
Nano-Intelligent DetectionSystem® (NIDS®) (PDF) (3 pp, 330 K) X X X X X X
Chameleon® (PDF) (4 pp, 352 K) X X X
MobileTrace™ (PDF) (3 pp, 324 K) X X X X
M-7 Rad-Wipes (PDF) (3 pp, 295 K) X X X
SwiftCAF™ ATV System (PDF) (3 pp, 283 K) X X X X
Merlin® portable compressed air foam (PDF) (3 pp, 307 K) X X X X
Macaw® Backpack portable compressed air foam (PDF) (3 pp, 285 K) X X X X
WaterSentinel (PDF) (3 pp, 309 K) X X X
Raider™ (PDF) (3 pp, 280 K) X X X
radHUNTER™ (PDF) (3 pp, 313 K) X X X
identiFINDER™ (PDF) (3 pp, 316 K) X X X X
BioXC™ 200GX (PDF) (3 pp, 297 K) X X X
BioBadge® (PDF) (3 pp, 307 K) X X X
AirSentinel® 1000B (PDF) (3 pp, 325 K) X X X X
HazMatID Ranger (PDF) (3 pp, 286 K) X X X X
HazMatID (PDF) (3 pp, 270 K) X X X X
Griffin 450™ (PDF) (4 pp, 380 K) X X X X X
FAST-ACT® — First Applied Sorbent Treatment–Against Chemical Threats (PDF) (3 pp, 319 K) X X X X
EzyBot® (PDF) (3 pp, 287 K) X X X
DryClone™ (PDF) (3 pp, 328 K) X X X X
DECOFOG (PDF) (3 pp, 258 K) X X X X
COBRA (PDF) (3 pp, 256 K) X X X X
ChemProFX (PDF) (3 pp, 303 K) X X X X
ChemPro®100 (PDF) (3 pp, 280 K) X X X X
C-FLAPS is a fluorescent laser aerodynamic particle sizing (PDF) (3 pp, 277 K) X X X
Bio-Seeq™ PLUS (PDF) (4 pp, 356 K) X X X
BIO-RESCUE™ (PDF) (3 pp, 317 K) X X X X X X
BioProtector™ (PDF) (3 pp, 302 K) X X X
EOGas® sterilization (PDF) (3 pp, 317 K) X X X
Surface Decontamination Foam (PDF) (3 pp, 339 K) X X X X X
Agentase Disclosure Spray (PDF) (3 pp, 262 K) X X X
Agentase CAD Kit (PDF) (3 pp, 252 K) X X X

Contact: Shannon Serre

Information contained in listed documents does not constitute nor should be construed as an EPA endorsement of any particular product, service, or technology.

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