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 Design Manuals for Arsenic Removal



This project’s objective was to develop design manuals for the removal of arsenic from drinking water by various treatment processes.


This project was conducted to answer question #4.2.1 of the Office of Research and Development’s Research Plan for Arsenic in Drinking Water: How effective are technologies for meeting a lower arsenic Maximum Contaminant Level?

This project also supports question #4.2.2: Are there cost-effective technologies for small systems?

With a focus on small systems technologies, several design manuals were developed on treatment processes that remove arsenic. These manuals incorporated arsenic removal information developed from other arsenic removal research projects. The first two manuals were on adsorption and ion exchange technologies. The third manual was on iron removal processes capable of removing arsenic.

Project Status

Two draft design manuals have been prepared:

  • Removal of Arsenic From Drinking Water by Activated Alumina and Developing Adsorptive Media
  • Removal of Arsenic From Drinking Water by Ion Exchange



Date Research Started

January 2001

Completion Date

March 2003

Date of Last Update

February 2002


Tom Sorg

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