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 Nambe Pueblo, New Mexico (Round 1)

Site Information
Location: Nambe Pueblo, NM
Population: 500
Address: Nambe Pueblo Tribe
Santa Fe Service Unit (OEH)
1700 Cerrillos Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Contact: Chris Bradley
Demonstration Site: Buffalo Well
Enclosed Space: 25 ft2
Source Water: Ground Water
Maximum Daily Flow: 145 gpm
Existing Treatment: Chlorination
Arsenic Removal Technology: AdEdge Iron Media
Disposal Option: None


Project Status
Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) signed Completed
CRADA approved by legal Completed
EPA/contractor site visit Completed
Contractor/system agreement Completed
Plans submitted Completed
Plans approved Completed
Equipment installed Completed
Study began N/A
Study completed N/A
Six-month report cleared N/A
Final report cleared N/A


Source Water Quality
Analysis mg/L Analysis mg/L
Total As 0.032 pH – Units 8.8
As (III) N/A Ca 73
As (V) N/A Mg 4
Fe <0.01
Na 22
Mn <0.05 Chloride <10
PO4 – P <0.065* Hardness as CaCO3 199
Si 7* T. Alkalinity as CaCO3 204
SO4 <10

Note: All data provided by utility except as noted.
N/A = Not available
N/D = Non-detectable
* = Data provided by EPA.


Tom Sorg

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