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 Wellman, Texas (Round 2)

Site Information
Location: Wellman, TX
Population: 247
Address: Wellman Water Systems Center
P.O. Box 124
Wellman, TX
Contact: Marvin Crutcher, Operator
Demonstration Site: Wellman Water Systems
Enclosed Space: 60
Source Water: Ground Water
Maximum Daily Flow: 85 gpm
Existing Treatment: Chlorination
Arsenic Removal Technology: AdEdge Iron Media AD33 with pH Adjusted
Disposal Option: Lagoon


Project Status
Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) signed Completed
CRADA approved by legal Completed
EPA/contractor site visit Completed
Contractor/system agreement Completed
Plans submitted Completed
Plans approved Completed
Equipment installed Completed
Study began Completed
Study completed Completed
Six-month report cleared N/A
Final report cleared N/A


Source Water Quality
Analysis mg/L Analysis mg/L
Total As 0.039, 0.033* pH – Units 7.75
As (III) N/A Ca 64, 58*
As (V) N/A Mg 60, 61*
Fe 0.024, 0.055* Na 107, 172*
Mn 0.006, <0.0004 Chloride 102, 131*
PO4 – P 0.096* Hardness as CaCO3 406
SiO2 19.5* T. Alkalinity as CaCO3 246, 302*
SO4 217, 224* TOC N/A

Note: All data provided by utility except as noted.
N/A = Not available
* = Data provided by EPA.


Tom Sorg

See Also

Fact Sheet, EPA’s Water Treatment Demonstration Project to Reduce Amount of Arsenic in Wellman, TX, Drinking Water (PDF) (2 pp, 96 KB) June 2006

Federal Register Environmental Documents: Arsenic Treatment Demonstrations

How to Participate

Demo Site Information form (PDF) (2 pp, 57 KB)

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