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 Arsenic Removal Technology Demonstration Program


Under EPA’s Arsenic Removal Technology Demonstration Program, full-scale demonstrations of  commercially ready treatment technologies were conducted at selected public water supplies across the United States. Initially, the program was divided into two rounds of demonstrations: Round 1 included funding for 12 locations; Round 2 and Round2a included funding for 27 locations and 10 locations respectively.

Click on any EPA region number on the map below to see a list of demonstration locations in that region. EPA encourages you to visit these locations to increase your understanding of the cost and effectiveness of various arsenic removal technologies. Details about the demonstration locations, technologies, and project statuses for Round 1 and Round 2 are also available.

Locations of Round 1 and 2 demonstrations and the specific EPA regions in which they're found. Region 1 Region 3 Region 5 Region 6 Region 8 Region 9 Region 9 Region 10 Region 10 Region 2 Region 2

EPA funded the following at each demonstration location:

  • Technology and system
  • Engineering and permitting
  • Installation
  • System operation for one year
  • Performance study costs

The utility at each demonstration location funded the following:

  • New facilities
  • Waste disposal system
  • Operators

Performance and cost information resulting from the arsenic removal demonstrations was used by engineering firms, small water systems, and state agencies to make informed decisions on the application of arsenic treatment technologies.

To further assist states and water utility operators in meeting the new arsenic standard, EPA provided training and technical assistance materials such as software, design manuals, and Web casts. These items offered practical information for states and operators as they move into compliance with the new Arsenic Rule.


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