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National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP)

Metadata added to the National Environmental Publications Internet Site (NEPIS), the Digital Repository for NSCEP

EPA has added information about the documents available online in NSCEP. This information, or key fields, is referred to as metadata. The metadata fields are: author, title, publisher, subject, publication number, number of pages, and abstract. (if available)

To view metadata information, you must first click on a document link and retrieve a document. Clicking on the additional information icon ( metadata information icon ) reveals its metadata. Icon is positioned at the far right hand side of the icon bar collection. Icon bar collection is placed immediately above, and below, the active document.

Not all of the documents on NSCEP site have been updated with additional metadata fields. EPA will continue working to improve the metadata of all documents available on NSCEP.

If you have additional suggestions or comments, please use the comments form (http://www.epa.gov/nscep/comments.html), or send an email to nscep_nepis.tech@epa.gov.

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