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OCSPP Harmonized Test Guidelines

Series 810 - Product Performance Test Guidelines

The FINAL guidelines on this page are part of a series of test guidelines that have been developed by the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) for use in the testing of pesticides and toxic substances, and the development of test data for submission to the Agency. 

A Master List (PDF) (28 pp, 80K, About PDF) of the OCSPP Harmonized Test Guidelines is available | Microsoft Excel Version (84K) (Excel viewer Exit EPA Disclaimer)

More information about OCSPP Harmonized Test Guidelines.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Group A — General

810.1000 - Overview, Definitions, and General Considerations (March 1998)

Group B — Antimicrobial Efficacy Test Guidelines

810.2000 - General Considerations for Public Health Uses of Antimicrobial Agents (September 2012)
810.2100 - Sterilants--Efficacy Data Recommendations (September 2012)
810.2200 - Disinfectants for Use on Hard Surfaces-- Efficacy Data Recommendations (September 2012)
810.2300 - Sanitizers for Use on Hard Surfaces--Efficacy Data Recommendations (September 2012)
810.2400 - Disinfectants and Sanitizers for Use on Fabrics and Textiles (March 2013)
810.2500 - Air Sanitizers (March 2013)
810.2600 - Disinfectants and Sanitizers for Use in Water (March 2013)
810.2700 - Products with Prion-Related Claims (December 2012)

Group C — Invertebrate Control Agent Product Performance Test Guidelines

810.3000 - General Considerations for Efficacy of Invertebrate Control Agents (March 1998)
810.3100 - Soil Treatments for Imported Fire Ants (March 1998)
810.3200 - Livestock, Poultry, Fur- and Wool-Bearing Animal Treatment (March 1998)
810.3300 - Treatments to Control Pests of Humans and Pets (March 1998)
810.3400 - Mosquito, Black Fly, and Biting Midge (Sand Fly) Treatments (March 1998)
810.3500 - Premises Treatments (March 1998)
810.3600 - Structural Treatments (March 1998)
810.3700 - Insect Repellents to be Applied to Human Skin (July 2010)
810.3800 - Methods for Efficacy Testing of Termite Baits (August 2004)


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