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Freshwater Spills Symposium 2000 Agenda, Presentations & Papers

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Papers, presentations, and other files presented at the 2000 Freshwater Spills Symposium (FSS) are available below. FSS papers and presentations reflect the views of their author(s) and are not necessarily the views of EPA.

Monday, March 6, 2000
Welcome and Introductions

Morning Plenary Session

The Honorable Jim Baca – Mayor of Albuquerque
Myron Knudson – Director, Superfund Division, EPA Region 6
Steve Luftig – Director of OSRTI
Blaine Sanchez – Program Director, All Indian Pueblo Council

Effects of Economic Boom and Bust on Oil Spill Response and Prevention (PDF) (1 pp, 9K)
Don Smith – Region 6

Response Resources in the Inland Zone (Panel Discussion) (PDF) (1 pp, 16K)
David Lopez (Moderator) - Director, EPA Oil Program Center Headquarters
Glen Wiltshire – USCG
Jim Taylor – DOT RSPA
Ann Whelan – EPA Region

Afternoon Sessions Shoreline Remediation Problem Oil Pit Initiative Fuels Management Response and Removal Techniques

Bioremediation and Phytoremediaion of an Experimental Oil Spill on the St. Lawrence River: Effectiveness (PDF) (4 pp, 45K)
Al Venosa - EPA

Bioremediation and Phytoremediaion of an Experimental Oil Spill on the St. Lawrence River: Ecological Effects (PDF) (2 pp, 38K)
Kenneth Lee - Fisheries and Oceans

Bioremediation of an Oil Spill in an Upland Wetland (PDF) (1 pg, 8K)
Wayne Hudnall - Louisiana State University

Evaluation of Remediation of an Oil Spill in a Peat Bog: Chemical Analysis and Stable Isotope Monitoring (PDF) (1 pg, 14K)
Mike Francis - Nova Husky Oil Co.

Innovative Treatment of Vegetable Oil Using Anaerobic Biodegradation (PDF) (1 pg, 27K)
Brian Wrenn - Washington University

Inland Oil Spill Simulation: Shoreline Cleaner Study Using CytoSol, a Biosolvent Derived from Vegetable Oil (PDF) (1 pg, 15K)
Randall von Wedel - Cyto Culture

Plankton Immobilized by Diesel Fuel Spilled in Lake Union, WA (PDF) (1 pg, 11K)
Alan Mearns - NOAA-Hazmat

Sediment Remediation of an Oiled Stream - Bellingham, WA, July 1999 (PDF) (1 pg, 19K)
Ed Owens - Polaris Applied Sciences

Introduction (PDF) (2 pg, 17K)
Jane Nakad - EPA Region 8

Oil Pits & Wildlife (no file available)
Pete Ramirez - USFWS

WY State Oil Pits (no file available)
Craig Eggerman - WY CO Oil & Gas Conservation Commission

Coordination of Efforts (no file available)
Jane Nakad - EPA Region 8

Fuels Management Facilities (PDF) (1 pg, 9K)
Donn Zuroski, Steve Calanog - EPA Region 9, Bob Rosen - EPA Region 4

Aboveground Storage Tank Construction, Design, and Testing (no file available)
Mark W. Howard - EPA

Corrosion & Corrosion Control of Metallic Storage Tanks (no file available)
NACE International

Cold Water Response (PDF) (1 pg, 13K)
Ed Owens - Polaris Applied Sciences

Lock Structures (PDF) (1 pg, 18K)
Steve Faryan - EPA Region 5

Fast Water Response (PDF) (2 pg, 18K)
Carl Oskins - DowCar

Plant Assisted Petroleum Removal (no file available)
Royal Nadeau - EPA

Special Sessions

Best Response: Measuring Success (PDF) (1 pg, 16K)
Joseph Kuchin, U.S. Coast Guard

An Overview of the National Response System (PDF) (1 pg, 9K)
Mark Mjoness, EPA

Tuesday, March 7, 2000
Morning Sessions Contingency Planning Prevention, Response, and Natural Resource Restoration Non-Traditional Spills Infrastructure/IndustryRestructuring

Extreme Cold Weather Response (PDF) (1 pg, 11K)
Carl Oskins - DowCar

Protection Strategies Along the Mississippi River (PDF) (1 pg, 9K)
Betty Lavis - EPA, Region 5 Steve Lee - MPCA

Integrated Contingency Planning Using a GIS Approach (PDF) (1 pg, 17K)
Martha Wolf - EPA Region 8

Unannounced Exercises (PDF) (1 pg, 18K)
Sheila Calovich - EPA Region 5

Reach Sensitive Index (PDF) (1 pg, 19K)
Jacqui Michel - RPI

Response Strategies for Rivers (PDF) (1 pg, 18K)
Jacqui Michel - RPI

JIC and Response Planning (PDF) (2 pg, 25K)
George Nelson - Brown Nelson Crisis Management

SPCC Rule Revisions (PDF) (1 pg, 12K)
Barb Carr - EPA Region 5

Hazardous Substance Response Plan (PDF) (2 pg, 32K)
Lt. Claudia Gelzer - USCG

OPS/RSPA: Industry Standards vs. Rules (PDF) (1 pg, 10K)
Jim Taylor - OPS, DOT

Coal Tar Case Study (PDF) (1 pg, 10K)
Karen Vendl - EPA Region 5

Westley Tire Fire - Case Study (PDF) (3 pg, 32K)
Dan Shane - EPA Region 9

Ohio Tire Inferno - Case Study (PDF) (1 pg, 13K)
Mark Durno - EPA Region 5

Tire Fires Emissions and Prevention (no file available)
Ken Kuntz - U.S. Fire Administration

Pipelines (no file available)
Phil Meyers - Chevron

ASTs and USTs (no file available)
Greg Cowden - Florida AST Program

Leak Detection (no file available)
Speaker TBD - API

State Agencies' Involvement in the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund (no file available)
Cmdr. Jeffrey S. Hammond - PFC, USCG

12:15 - 12:45pm

Leaf River Crude Oil Spill (no file available)
Dean Ullock - EPA Region 4

Afternoon Sessions Spill Prevention, Preparedness, and Response on Tribal Reservations Non-Floating Oils Freshwater Spills Research in the Great Lakes Opportunities for Science

ASTs in Rural and Native Villages (PDF) (1 pg, 17K)
Percy Frisby - State of Alaska Division of Energy

Regulating Oil Facilities: the Navajo Experience (no file available)
Steve Austin, Ronnie Ben - Navajo Environmental Protection Agency

Emergency Response and Preparedness Operations on Tribal Reservations (PDF) (1 pg, 31K)
Lloyd Jackson - The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Nation

Establishing Working Relationships Among Federal, State, and Tribal Agencies (PDF) (1 pg, 16K)
Mickey Douglas - Seminole Nation Environmental Protection Office
Monty Matlock - Pawnee Nation Department of Environmental Conservation and Safety

Response Readiness Training Opportunities for Tribal Agencies (PDF) (1 pg, 12K)
Greg Powell - ERT

Non-Floating Oils Fate and Behavior (no file available)
Jerry Galt - NOAA

Non-Floating Oils Response Techniques (PDF) (1 pg, 17K)
Ed Owens - Polaris Applied Sciences

Orimulsion Fate and Behavior (PDF) (1 pg, 11K)
Merv Fingas - Environment Canada

Spills of Non-Floating Oils: Risk and Response (PDF) (1 pg, 19K)
Malcolm Spaulding - University of Rhode Island

Online Freshwater Spills Research and Information Clearinghouse (PDF) (1 pg, 10K)
Tom Rayburn

US - Canada Interface & the Great Lakes (no file available)
Mike Maddock - Environment Canada

Flow Thickness Modeling (PDF) (1 pg, 14K)
Dave Hibbs - Barr Engineering

Doing and Publishing the Small Science of Spill Response (PDF) (1 pg, 13K)
Allen Mearns - NOAA

Discussion on Central Repository for Small Science (PDF) (1 pg, 13K)
Gary Shigenaka - NOAA

Operational Response Techniques (PDF) (1 pg, 13K)
Jacqui Michel - RPI

Roundtable of Discussions and Case Histories (PDF) (1 pg, 13K)
Steve Lehmann - NOAA

Authorizations and Recognizing Opportunities (PDF) (1 pg, 13K)
Jason Maddox - NOAA

Special Session
(5-6 p.m.)

EPA's National Core Emergency Response Program (PDF) (1 pg, 9K)
Mark Mjoness - EPA

Developing National Response Team Initiatives (PDF) (1 pg, 17K)
John Gustafson - EPA

Wednesday, March 8, 2000
Morning Sessions Fuel Oxygenates: Regulations, Response, and Toxicology Alternative Countermeasures Wildlife Issues in Freshwater Areas Case Studies

Behavior and Fate of MTBE: Governing Principles (PDF) (2 pg, 20K)
Jim Pankow - Oregon Graduate Institute

Fate of MTBE from Hypothetical Releases to a River, Reservoir, and Ground Water (PDF) (2 pg, 20K)
Jim Pankow - Oregon Graduate Institute

Treatability (PDF) (2 pg, 32K)
Al Venosa - EPA ORD

Santa Monica MTBE Sites (no file available)
Greg Lovato - EPA Region 9

Surface Washing Agents (PDF) (1 pg, 12K)
Royal Nadeau, Nick Nichols - EPA

Alternative Response and Removal Techniques - Inland and Within Louisiana(PDF) (3 pg, 32K)
Karolien Debusscherre, Dr. Don Davis - Louisiana Governor's Office

Bioremediation of Oil Fields in Pennsylvania (PDF) (1 pg, 25K)
Vince Zenone - EPA Region 3

Learn to Burn (PDF) (1 pg, 9K)
Vicki May - Marathon Ashland Pipe Line

The Bakersfield Oil Spill (PDF) (1 pg, 13K)
Scott Newman - DVM, Oiled Wildlife Care Network

An Oil Well Blow-Out in Upland Habitats of Louisiana (PDF) (1 pg, 12K)
Buddy Goatcher - USFWS

Williams Fork River Diesel Spill in Colorado: Exposure and Potential Impact to an Endangered Species (PDF) (1 pg, 22K)
Barb Osmundsen, Larry Gamble - USFWS

Reducing Wildlife Impacts: A Case for In-Situ Burning of Spilled Oil (PDF) (1 pg, 18K)
Brian Cain - USFWS

Rehabilitation of Wildflife Oiled in Freshwater Spills (PDF) (1 pg, 24K)
Eileen Gilbert - Tri-State

Olympic Pipeline Gas Spill (PDF) (1 pg, 116K)
Tony Barber - EPA Region 10

Vegetable Oil Spill (PDF) (1 pg, 19K)
Tom McCarthy - Iowa DNR

Groundwater to Surface Water Site (PDF) (3 pg, 35K)
Scott Pellerin - EPA Region 1

Russian Pipeline Spill/Varied Terrain (PDF) (1 pg, 20K)
Ed Owens - Polaris Applied Sciences

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