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Grants and Debarment






Learn About Grants at EPA

Grant Terms and Conditions

EPA's Interim Financial Assistance Conflict of Interest Policy

Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) Guidance

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

1512 Recipient Reporting Guidance for Brownfields, Clean Diesel, Superfund, Underground Storage Tanks, and Water State Revolving Funds

Water State Revolving Funds

General EPA Guidance on Section 1512 Recipient Reporting:

Federal Reporting: 

EPA Civil Rights Obligations under The Recovery Act

Office of Grants and Debarment policies concerning Unliquidated Obligations for Grants and Interagency Agreements:

EPA Notice to Grantees Re: ACORN Funding Prohibitions, August 17, 2010

Grant Regulations and Forms for New Grantees

Mandatory Grant's Management Training for Non-Profit Applicants and Recipients - EPA's new recipient course designed to help non-profit recipients and applicants understand assistance agreement regulations, the application process, management of their assistance agreements and the close out process. Completion of this class is mandatory for all non-profit award recipients upon receipt of monetary actions effective October 1, 2007. Please check your award document for the term and condition. Your certification will be good for 3 years after which you will have to update your training. (This class is not required for Colleges or Universities. The cost principles taught are specially for non-profit enities.)

Additional Resources

Find Current Funding Opportunities - Contains information on CFDA Catalogue, Grants Competition, Small Business Gateway and Open Announcements, and Grants.gov

OMB Relaunches Web Site to Track Federal Spending: http://www.USAspending.Gov, a single searchable Website that provides information on each Federal grant and contract awarded. Exit EPA Disclaimer

How to Apply - Find information on the grant tutorial, headquarters grant application requirements and forms.

EPA Grantee Forms - Find all EPA and OMB grant related forms.

Grant and Fellowship Information - Locate information about grant and fellowship programs offered by EPA offices.

Open Announcements - Locate up-to-date information on open announcements

Competitive Information and Competitive Awards

Grant Awards Database - Contains award information on EPA open grants and includes a view of grant awards by quarter. The database can be searched by any word or combination of words appearing within the award record.

Policy and Regulations - New regulations, policies, proposed rules, important notices and the regulatory agenda of future regulations.

Suspension and Debarment Program - Suspension and debarment actions protect the government from doing business with individuals/companies/recipients who pose a business risk to the government.

Find the Grant Regional Office Near You - Includes links to all ten EPA regional grant offices.

EPA's Plan for Grants Management - This Plan charts the course the Agency will follow in the coming years to deliver an effective system for grants administration.

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