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On-Line Grant Application Kit

Letter to Applicant

Checklist for Applications, Required Items to Be Submitted (pdf)

Environmental Protection Agency Regulations and Descriptions

Appendix D: Fact sheet for Applicants Intergovernmental Review Process

Budget Detail Guidance (pdf)

EPA Form 5700-54, Key Contacts Form

SF- 424 (OMB PDF), Application for Federal Assistance

SF-424a (OMB PDF), Budget Information for Non-Construction Programs

SF-424B (OMB PDF), Assurances Non-Construction Programs

EPA Form 6600-06, Certification Regarding Lobbying

SF-LLL (OMB PDF), Disclosure of Lobbying Activities

EPA Form 4700-4 (PDF), Pre-award Compliance Review Report for All Applicants and Recipients Requesting Federal Financial Assistance

EPA Form 6600-09, EPA Administrative Capability Questionnaire

Environmental Protection Agency (Headquarters) Mailing Address

All EPA grantee forms are available at http://www.epa.gov/ogd/forms/forms.htm

If you cannot access the electronic forms, a paper application kit will be mailed upon request. Please send an e-mail to GAD_OGDWEB@epamail.epa.gov with ‘PAPER APPLICATION KIT’ in the subject line.


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