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Collaboration with the Asian Development Bank

DePass/Nag handshake

In March 2010, Michelle DePass, EPA’s Assistant Administrator for International and Tribal Affairs, met with Rajat M. Nag, Managing Director General of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Exit EPA disclaimer, to sign a new, expanded letter of intent (4pp, 1.04 MB,  About PDF Files) to strengthen collaboration between EPA and ADB.

This agreement will support collaborative efforts to improve air quality, safe drinking water, management of toxic substances, environmental governance, and water resource management across Asia, during the time period 2010-2015. The goal of the cooperation is to reinforce Asian countries which are now strengthening their environmental laws, ministries, and compliance mechanisms. Cooperation could include technical assistance, training, and joint project development.

“The U.S. recognizes the importance of Asia in meeting today’s global environmental challenges,” said DePass. “It is our hope that expanding our partnership with ADB will help focus the technical and financial resources necessary to address those challenges.”

EPA has enjoyed five years of successful cooperation with the ADB, beginning in 2005, when the two organizations formalized their collaboration with an initial letter of intent (4pp, 2.11 MB,  About PDF Files).

Signed Letter of Intent

Since 2005, projects have included ADB support of the Methane to Markets Partnership and EPA’s work with China’s Ministry of Environment on an SO2 cap-and-trade program.

This new letter of intent builds on current work, and also expands cooperation in areas such as environmental governance and climate change.

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For additional information on EPA's work with Asia, contact:

Mark Kasman
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of International and Tribal Affairs (2670R)
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460
E-mail: kasman.mark@epa.gov
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