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Report Title Date
Regional Public Liaison Program Needs Greater Focus on Results and Customer Awareness, Report No. 09-P-0176, [Report PDF - 20pp, 172KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 40KB] June 24, 2009
Contaminated Soil Waste Repository at East Mission Flats, Idaho, Report No. 09-P-0162 [Report PDF - 32pp, 437KB] [At a Glance PDF - 45KB] June 8, 2009
EPA Has Improved Its Response to Freedom of Information Act Requests But Further Improvement Is Needed, Report No. 09-P-0127 [Report PDF - 27pp, 230KB] [At a Glance PDF - 51KB] March 25 , 2009
A Region 5 Penalty Reduction Was Unjustified and Undocumented, Report No. 08-P-0291 [Report PDF - 30pp, 243KB] [At a Glance PDF - 47KB] September 29, 2008
Corrective Actions Were Generally Implemented at Stauffer Chemical Company Superfund Site, Tarpon Springs, Florida, Report No. 08-P-0264 [Report PDF - 17pp, 262KB] [At a Glance PDF - 99KB] September 16, 2008
Follow-up Review on Progress at Escambia Treating Company Superfund Site, Pensacola, Florida, Report No. 08-P-0200 [Report PDF - 18pp, 566KB] [At a Glance PDF - 264KB] July 14, 2008
Decision Needed on Regulating the Cooling Lagoons at the North Anna Power Station, Report No. 2007-P-00038 [Report PDF - 11pp, 240KB] [At a Glance PDF - 50KB] September 20, 2007
Complete Assessment Needed to Ensure Rural Texas Community Has Safe Drinking Water Report No. 2007-P-00034 [Report PDF - 23pp, 498KB] [At a Glance PDF - 51KB] September 11, 2007
Environmental Justice Concerns and Communication Problems Complicated Cleaning Up Ringwood Mines/Landfill Site, Report 2007-P-00016 [Report PDF - 32pp, 451KB] [At a Glance PDF - 60KB] April 2, 2007
EPA Did Not Properly Process a Hospital Disinfectant and Sanitizer Registration, Report No. 2007-P-00018 [Report PDF - 33pp, 286KB] [At a Glance PDF - 59KB] March 29, 2007
EPA Needs to Plan and Complete a Toxicity Assessment for the Libby Asbestos Cleanup, Report No. 2007-P-00002 [Report PDF - 12pp, 133KB] [At a Glance PDF - 62KB] Dec. 5, 2006
Review of Environmental Concerns at McFarland, California, Report No. 2006-P-00041, [Report PDF - 43pp, 358KB] [At a Glance PDF - 51KB] Sept. 28, 2006
EPA Is Properly Addressing the Risks of Using Mercury in Rituals, Report No. 2006-P-00031 [Report PDF - 24pp, 230KB] [At a Glance PDF - 59KB] August 31, 2006
Review of Complaint on the University of Nevada, Reno, Regional Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program Cooperative Agreement CR 826293-01, Report No. 2006-P-00008 [Report - 162KB PDF, 15pp] [At a Glance - 60KB PDF] December 28, 2005
More Information Is Needed On Toxaphene Degradation Products, Report No. 2006-P-00007 [Report - 1MB PDF, 47pp] [At a Glance - 58KB PDF] December 16, 2005
Review of State of Alaska's Actions for the River Terrace Recreational Vehicle Park, Soldotna, Alaska, Report No. 2005-P-00029 [Report - 263KB PDF, 16pp] [At a Glance - 43KB PDF] September 28, 2005
Ombudsman Report: Appropriate Testing and Timely Reporting Are Needed at the Hercules 009 Landfill Superfund Site, Brunswick, Georgia, Report No. 2005-P-00022 [Report - 1.6MB PDF, 49pp] [Addendum - 8MB PDF, 169pp ][At a Glance - 60KB PDF] September 26, 2005
Ombudsman Report: Review of Actions at Escambia Treating Company Site, Pensacola, Florida, Report No. 2004-P-00032 [644KB PDF, 27pp] September 30, 2004
Ombudsman Report: Review of Actions at Industrial Excess Landfill Superfund Site, Uniontown, Ohio, Report No. 2004-P-00031 [12MB PDF, 83pp] September 29, 2004
Review of Actions at Stauffer Chemical Company Superfund Site, Tarpon Springs, Florida, Report No. 2004-P-00018 [1.8MBKB PDF, 48pp] June 3, 2004
Ombudsman Review of the Marjol Battery Site, Throop, Pennsylvania, Report No. 2004-P-00017 [869KB PDF, 62pp] May 18, 2004
Review of Hotline Complaint Regarding Technical Assistance Grant No. 1-97025201 Awarded to the Basin Cleanup Coalition, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Report No. 2004-P-00010 [58KB PDF, 11pp] March 25, 2004
Ombudsman Review of Bunker Hill and Coeur d'Alene Basin Superfund Actions, Report No. 2004-P-00009 [300KB PDF, 33pp] March 24, 2004
EPA Regional Superfund Ombudsmen Program Needs Structure, Report No. 2003-S-00004 [53KB PDF, 13pp] March 13, 2003
Letter to Senator Allard: Shattuck Chemical Company Close Out Report [60KB PDF, 2pp] Oct. 24, 2002
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