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Reviewing issues of fraud, waste, and misuse in EPA programs.

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Report Title Date Agency Response IG Comment on Response
Follow-Up Report: EPA Proposes to Streamline the Review, Management and Disposal of Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals [Full Report PDF - 12pp, 638 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 174 KB] August 19, 2015    
Quick Reaction Report: EPA Should Ensure Positions Vacated Under Buyouts Are Eliminated or Properly Filled [Full Report PDF - 13pp, 691 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 137 KB] July 14, 2015    
EPA Should Update Guidance to Address the Release of Potentially Harmful Quantities of Asbestos That Can Occur Under EPA's Asbestos Demolition Standard
[Full Report PDF - 29pp, 1,205 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 333 KB]
Podcast: Overview with Michael Wilson (MP3 - 3.1 MBs, 4:29), Podcast Transcript
June 16, 2015    
EPA's Alternative Asbestos Control Method Experiments Lacked Effective Oversight and Threatened Human Health [Report PDF - 48pp, 1,284 KB] [At A Glance PDF - 243 KB] Sept 25, 2014    
EPA Met or Exceeded Most Internal Climate Change Goals, But Data Quality and Records Management Procedures Need Improvement [Report PDF - 29pp, 1,200 KB] [At a Glance PDF - 137 KB] July 29, 2014    
Follow-Up Report: EPA Improves Management of Its Radiation Monitoring System [Report PDF - 12pp, 901KB] [At a Glance PDF - 228KB]
Podcast: Report Overview with Christine Baughman (MP3 - 3.8 MBs, 5:24), Podcast Transcript
July 22, 2014    
Weak Management of a Climate Change Services Contract Creates Risk EPA Did Not Receive Services for Which It Paid [Report PDF - 34pp, 826 KB] [At a Glance PDF - 138 KB] May 30, 2014    
EPA Employees Did Not Act Consistently With Agency Policy in Assisting an EPA Grantee [Report PDF - 31pp, 2,520KB] [At a Glance PDF - 135KB] May 9, 2014    
EPA Does Not Adequately Follow National Security Information Classification Standards [Report PDF - 38pp, 287KB] [At a Glance PDF - 45KB] November 15, 2013 OAR Response PDF - 3pp, 133KB

OHS Response PDF - 2pp, 275KB
Comment on OAR Response PDF - 1pp, 170KB

Comment on OHS Response PDF - 1pp, 198KB
EPA’s Handling of a Proposed Alternative Method for Measuring Oil and Grease in Wastewater Met Requirements But Controls Need to Be Strengthened [ Report PDF - 27pp, 269KB] [At a Glance PDF - 46KB] July 11, 2013    
Better Planning, Execution and Communication Could Have Reduced the Delays in Completing a Toxicity Assessment of the Libby, Montana, Superfund Site [Report PDF - 51pp, 391KB] [At a Glance PDF - 46KB] April 17, 2013 PDF - 36pp, 8,526KB PDF - 1pp, 175KB
Review of Hotline Complaint on EPA’s Pre-Award Activities for Multiple Award Contracts at the National Computer Center [Report PDF - 10pp, 170KB] [At a Glance PDF - 43KB] April 15, 2013    
Opportunities for EPA-Wide Improvements Identified During Review of a Regional Time and Materials Contract [Report PDF - 47pp, 611KB] [At a Glance PDF - 123KB] April 4, 2013 Deputy Admin Final Dispute Resolution Decision PDF - 10pp, 2,321KB Materials Relating to OIG and EPA Legal Arguments PDF - 36pp, 1,378KB

Memorandum Relating to Final Dispute Resolution Meeting PDF - 3pp, 803KB
Review of Hotline Complaint Regarding Residential Soil Contamination in Cherryvale, Kansas [Report PDF - 22pp, 289KB] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] March 28, 2013 PDF - 2pp, 263KB PDF - 1pp, 140KB
Congressionally Requested Information on EPA Utilization of Integrated Risk Information System [Report PDF - 31pp, 535KB] [At a Glance PDF - 43KB] January 31, 2013    
EPA’s National Security Information Program Could Be Improved, [Report PDF - 24pp, 218KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 44KB] June 18, 2012    
Alleged Misuse of Tribal Clean Water Act Section 106 Funds in EPA Region 8 Report No. 12-P-0453 [Report PDF - 21pp, 236KB] [At a Glance PDF - 37KB] May 4, 2012 PDF - 392KB PDF - 686KB
Office of Environmental Information Should Strengthen Controls Over Mobile Devices, Report No. 12-P-0427 [Report PDF - 28pp, 271KB] [At a Glance PDF - 37KB] April 25, 2012 PDF - 5pp, 245KB PDF - 4pp, 675KB
Improvement Required to Safeguard Enforcement and Inspection Credentials, Report No. 12-P-0328 [Report PDF - 15pp, 171KB] [At a Glance PDF - 38KB] March 9, 2012    
Early Warning Report: Use of Unapproved Asbestos Demolition Methods May Threaten Public Health, Report No. 12-P-0125 [Report PDF - 4pp, 129KB] December 14, 2011 PDF 1pp, 208KB (Initial)
PDF 8pp, 1,500KB (Second)
PDF 2pp, 345KB (Initial)
PDF 1pp, 155 KB (Second)
EPA Should Prepare and Distribute Security Classification Guides, Report No. 11-P-0722 [Report PDF - 19pp, 118KB] [At a Glance PDF - 38KB] September 29, 2011
An Overall Strategy Can Improve Communication Efforts at Asbestos Superfund Site in Libby, Montana, Report No. 11-P-0430 [Report PDF - 32pp, 247KB] [At a Glance PDF - 38KB] August 3, 2011 PDF 1pp, 133KB (Initial)
PDF 6pp, 548KB (Second)
PDF 1pp, 218 KB
EPA Needs to Strengthen Management Controls Over Its Travel Authorization Process, Report No. 11-P-0223 [Report PDF - 28pp, 159KB] [At a Glance PDF - 38KB] May 10, 2011    
EPA Needs Better Agency-Wide Controls Over Staff Resources, Report No. 11-P-0136 [Report PDF - 33pp, 216KB] [At a Glance PDF - 35KB] February 22, 2011 PDF - 17pp, 3,123KB (Initial)
PDF - 2pp, 133KB (Second)
PDF - 19pp, 2,971KB (Initial)
PDF - 3pp, 337KB (Second)
Congressionally Requested Inquiry Into EPA's Handling of Freedom of Information Act Requests, Report No. 11-P-0063 [Report PDF - 12pp, 88KB] [At a Glance PDF - 32KB] January 10, 2011    
Vapor Intrusion Health Risks at Bannister Federal Complex Not a Concern for Buildings 50 and 52, Unknown for Other Buildings, Report No. 11-P-0048, [Report PDF - 22pp, 389KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 34KB] January 5, 2011 PDF - 3pp, 8024KB PDF - 5pp, 771KB
EPA’s Revised Hiring Process Needs Additional Improvements, Report No. 10-P-0177 [Report PDF - 37pp, 240KB] [At a Glance PDF - 40KB] August 9, 2010 PDF - 6pp, 1044KB PDF - 2pp, 379KB
Review of Hotline Complaint 2010-282, Report No. 10-P-0165, [Report PDF - 12pp, 86KB ] July 15, 2010    
Results of Hotline Complaint Review of EPA Region 9 Hiring under the Federal Career Intern Program, Report No. 10-P-0112, [Report PDF - 22pp, 150KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 42KB] April 26, 2010    
Office of Inspector General Scientific Analysis of Perchlorate, Report No. 10-P-0101, [Report PDF - 216pp, 1.7MB ] [At a Glance PDF - 164KB] [Appendix D PDF - 206pp, 16.3MB] [Appendix E PDF - 81pp, 8.9MB] April 19, 2010    
Region 6 Needs to Improve Oversight Practices, Report No. 10-P-0100, [Report PDF - 28pp, 162KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 33KB] [Appendix B PDF - 31pp, 1.5MB] [Related Correspondence - PDF 10pp, 478KB] April 14, 2010    
EPA Travel Program Lacks Necessary Controls, Report No. 10-P-0078, [Report PDF - 15pp, 114KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 39KB] March 9, 2010    
Congressionally Requested Inquiry into EPA's Response to a Report of a Leaking Well in North Carolina and the National Response Center Hotline , Report No. 10-P-0027, [Report PDF - 15pp, 124KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 40KB] November 10, 2009    
Review of Hotline Complaint on Employee Granted Full-Time Work-at-Home Privilege , Report No. 10-P-0002, [Report PDF - 17pp, 205KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 93KB] October 07, 2009    
Office of Inspector General Access to Agency Information and Personnel , Report No. 09-P-0222, [Report PDF - 18pp, 172KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 53KB] August 25, 2009    
EPA's Human Resources Management System Did Not Deliver Anticipated Efficiencies to the Shared Service Centers, Report No. 09-P-0206, [Report PDF - 25pp, 373KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 47KB] August 11, 2009    
Regional Public Liaison Program Needs Greater Focus on Results and Customer Awareness, Report No. 09-P-0176, [Report PDF - 20pp, 172KB ] [At a Glance PDF - 40KB] June 24, 2009    
Contaminated Soil Waste Repository at East Mission Flats, Idaho, Report No. 09-P-0162 [Report PDF - 32pp, 437KB] [At a Glance PDF - 45KB] June 8, 2009    
EPA Has Improved Its Response to Freedom of Information Act Requests But Further Improvement Is Needed, Report No. 09-P-0127 [Report PDF - 27pp, 230KB] [At a Glance PDF - 51KB] March 25 , 2009    
Office of Inspector General Access Survey Results, Report No. 09-P-0079 [Report PDF - 14pp, 171KB] [At a Glance PDF - 48KB] January 13, 2009    
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