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Pesticide News Story: Adjustment to September 2010 Atrazine SAP Meeting

For Release: April 23, 2010

At the upcoming September 2010 meeting of the FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP), EPA had planned to seek peer review on its evaluation of cancer and non-cancer effects based on both laboratory and epidemiological studies. However, because some updated results will not be available, now EPA will present and seek peer review of its evaluation of atrazine non-cancer effects based on experimental laboratory studies as well as any new experimental laboratory data completed since the SAP meeting scheduled for April 26 - 29, 2010. The Agency had hoped that new results from the epidemiological Agricultural Health Study evaluating the link between atrazine and cancer risk would be available for consideration at the SAP meeting on September 14-17, 2010; however, the results will not be available at that time.

When these updated results from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) become available (anticipated in 2011), EPA will schedule an additional SAP meeting to present the findings from this and other cancer epidemiology studies, as well as laboratory animal studies on atrazine and cancer.

Following an open and transparent process as announced last fall to ensure scientific soundness and integrity in the atrazine review process, EPA scheduled three SAP meetings (two of which were already planned) in February, April and September 2010, to present science issues related to atrazine and seek the Panel's input and recommendations.

Information about EPA's evaluation of atrazine and related SAP meetings is available at:

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