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Pesticide News Story: New Bed Bug Web Page Available

For Release: May 14, 2010

Bed bugs are a growing problem in many areas of the United States. EPA’s new bed bug Web page provides information on chemical and integrated pest management techniques for managing bed bugs, current research efforts, links to educational materials developed by reputable sources, and other information that will be helpful for the public suffering from bed bugs and professionals on the front lines of this battle. To visit the new page on bed bugs, go to http://epa.gov/pesticides/controlling/bedbugs.html.

The seriousness of bed bug problems also raises significant environmental justice issues, which initially prompted EPA to convene the first National Bed Bug Summit in April 2009. The Summit was very well attended and provided a forum for open dialogue about solutions for all stakeholders involved with bed bug issues. EPA continues to be actively engaged with states, municipalities, and federal agencies that are grappling with bed bug issues. We are participating in various inter-agency and regional workshops and symposia such as the National Environmental Health Association's 2010 Annual Meeting and the National Pest Management Association's Legislative Days. We are also working closely with our regional offices to explore opportunities for possible venues to address bed bug issues. Furthermore, EPA has initiated a new public health subgroup of the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee (PPDC) to focus on public health issues involving pesticides. Through these various partnerships, we hope to find improved solutions to the bed bug problem.

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