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Pesticide News Story: EPA Proposes to Extend Compliance Date for Pesticide Storage and Disposal Label Statements

For Release: June 15, 2010

EPA is proposing a one-year extension to the compliance date for pesticide storage and disposal label statements, from Aug. 16, 2010 to Aug. 16, 2011. The main drivers for this proposed extension are that:

While we estimate that the majority of label changes have already been submitted and approved, there could still be several thousand labels remaining to be submitted and reviewed.

We are committed to processing these labels expeditiously without adversely impacting other priority public health and environmental activities. In determining the best path forward, we’re trying to balance the public interest in having products available to address pests against the requirement of having upgraded pesticide labels as soon as possible. We’re also committed to working with our State partners so they have time to complete their label reviews. To achieve these goals, it is important that registrants that have yet to submit revised labels for Agency review do so promptly. Any tardy submissions make it difficult for EPA and the States to carry out our label review activities by the final compliance deadline.

Concurrent with the proposed one-year extension, we’re also issuing a final rule to extend the current compliance date by four months. There is not enough time for EPA to complete the full notice and comment procedures for the one-year extension by the impending compliance date of August 16, 2010. The four-month extension will allow time for our public participation processes to take place for the proposed extension.

For more information, please see EPA’s pesticide container and containment Web page.

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