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Pesticide News Story: Study Profile Templates Now Available on the Web

For Release: September 1, 2010

EPA requires applicants for pesticide registration to submit data to support their pesticide registration applications. These studies must be developed and conducted according to specific protocols. Study Profile templates are now available on the EPA website for use by applicants in submitting the results of theses studies. These templates are in Microsoft Word format and are available for most guideline studies, including:

The Study Profile templates are based on a joint effort with Health Canada. Because the Study Profile template design is based on the existing Data Evaluation Record (DER) format, it is anticipated that the use of these templates will expedite and facilitate the review of submitted data. The study profile templates describe the layout and scope of information that should be contained within a study profile and can serve as a guide for the preparation of study documents. Applicants may include additional information beyond that prescribed in a particular study profile. Applicants are encouraged to submit completed study profile(s) and supporting data in electronic format (PDF) whether the submission is for one or more studies. The templates can be found at: http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/regulating/studyprofile_templates/studyprofile_templatelist.htm

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