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Pesticide News Story: New Enable the Label On-line Discussion Forum Topic: LRM Chapter 18: Unique Product Labeling

For Release: September 2, 2011

EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs has posted an update to Enable the Label, our online discussion forum that helps us improve the clarity and usefulness of the Label Review Manual. The discussion topic for September is chapter 18, which provides guidance, as well as examples, on approaches that can be taken when labeling specialty products or in other cases where unorthodox approaches may be needed to attach the necessary labeling information. Focus areas include labeling for multi-packs/co-packs, seed treatments and North American Free Trade Agreement labeling. After the discussion thread on chapter 18 closes at the end of September, we will review comments received and incorporate useful ones into future revisions of the Label Review Manual. As a reminder, the agency is not asking for general discussions on pesticide policy issues in these discussions focusing on the Label Review Manual.

Based on comments we received during the discussion on Chapters 1 and 2, we have made editorial changes, clarified the text for existing topics and added examples to those chapters. The Label Review Manual does not create new policy, so we did not make any policy changes based on the comments.

We created Enable the Label to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas related to pesticide labeling. Monthly discussions focus on one or two chapters of the Label Review Manual. Forum participants are welcome to post their thoughts and ideas on the topics and provide feedback on any other subject covered in that month's chapter. The goal is to improve the clarity and usefulness of the manual for its users -- primarily people who draft, review, or enforce labels in the field. Pesticide manufacturers and their representatives and State pesticide regulators may also use the manual.

Enable the Label provides informal comment opportunities to everyone interested in improving the Label Review Manual, and encourages creative solutions to complex pesticide label challenges in an open and transparent environment.

We invite you to regularly submit your comments and comment on others' ideas at http://blog.epa.gov/enablethelabel/.

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