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OECD Working Group on Pesticides

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The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is an intergovernmental organization consisting of 30 industrialized countries in Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific. Through its Environment Program, OECD works to help countries manage the risks of chemicals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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In 1994, OECD established the Pesticide Forum, now known as the Working Group on Pesticides (WGP), to help countries cope with the increasingly burdensome workload of conducting new risk assessments for hundreds of pesticides that have been on the market for years, and assessments for new active ingredient pesticides. It is the first forum for national pesticide regulators from developed countries to discuss common issues. The OECD Working Group on Pesticides includes activities on:

EPA is involved in cooperative work to:

OECD encourages the exchange of review reports and has developed an electronic database to facilitate such exchanges and collaboration on reviews. EPA is working with OECD countries on electronic data submission (EDS) for industry. EPA's goals and procedures using EDS are on EPA's Web site.

Learn more about EPA's work with the OECD.

OECD Pesticide Program Objectives

The OECD Pesticide Program divides its work into 6 program areas. The objectives of each program area are summarized below:

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Highlights of Current Work

The OECD WGP has numerous additional activities and projects underway. A few highlights of current work are listed below.

More comprehensive information about the OECD Pesticide Program can be found on the OECD web site. Exit EPA disclaimer

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OECD MRL Calculator

With the goal of harmonizing the calculation of MRLs across the OECD, the OECD has developed a MRL Calculator. It is made up of an Excel spreadsheet simple to use without requiring extensive statistical knowledge from the user. There is one spreadsheet for single data sets Exit EPA disclaimer and one spreadsheet for multiple data sets Exit EPA disclaimer .  A User Guide Exit EPA disclaimer and a Statistical White Paper Exit EPA disclaimer are available to help with the use of the Calculator. Beginning April 1, 2011, Canada and the United States will join the other OECD member countries in their use of the OECD MRL Calculator to calculate pesticide MRLs. The OECD MRL Calculator will replace and supersede the NAFTA MRL Calculator. A brief fact sheet providing background information on the NAFTA MRL Calculator and the transition to the OECD MRL Calculator is also available.

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