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Definitions: REDs, IREDs, and TREDs

Reregistration Status

When EPA completes its review of a pesticide for reregistration or tolerance reassessment, the Agency issues a risk management decision document known as a RED, an IRED, or a TRED. EPA publishes Notices of Availability in the Federal Register.

REDs (Reregistration Eligibility Decisions)

When EPA completes the review and risk management decision for a pesticide that is subject to reregistration (that is, one initially registered before November 1984), the Agency generally issues a Reregistration Eligibility Decision or RED document. The RED summarizes the risk assessment conclusions and outlines any risk reduction measures necessary for the pesticide to continue to be registered in the U.S.

IREDs (Interim Reregistration Eligibility Decisions)

EPA issues an IRED for a pesticide that is undergoing reregistration, requires a reregistration eligibility decision, and also needs a cumulative assessment as a result of FQPA because it is part of a group of pesticides that share a common mechanism of toxicity. The IRED, issued after EPA completes the individual pesticide's aggregate risk assessment, may initiate risk reduction measures -- for example, reducing risks to workers or eliminating uses that the registrant no longer wishes to maintain -- to gain the benefits of these changes before the final RED can be issued, following the Agency's consideration of cumulative risks.

TREDs (Reports on FQPA Tolerance Reassessment Progress and [Interim] Risk Management Decisions)

A TRED may be issued as a document if no changes in the tolerances for a pesticide are required as a result of EPA's review. If tolerance revisions are required, then the TRED may be issued as a Federal Register Notice.

EPA issues a TRED for a pesticide that requires tolerance reassessment decisions, but does not require a reregistration eligibility decision at present because:

Like IREDs, some TREDs will not become final until EPA considers the cumulative risks of all the pesticides in the cumulative group.

Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations in Reregistration


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