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Requirements for Submitting Electronic Pre-manufacture Notices (PMNs)

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.
Speak to a Specialist

The CDX Hotline (form.helpdesk@epacdx.net) can answer technical questions about the ePMN and CDX at:

888-890-1995 or

970-494-5500 (international callers)

Complete PMN Forms Using e-PMN Software and Submit through Central Data Exchange (CDX)

On January 6, 2010, EPA issued a final rule requiring:

Note: All new TSCA section 5 PMNs must be submitted electronically through CDX and must use e-PMN software. On December 4, 2013, EPA issued a final rule requiring:

EPA is providing two different variations of the e-PMN software, one with encryption and one without encryption. The links to the e-PMN software without encryption, Helpful Hints for the e-PMN software, and webinars for CDX registration and e-PMN software can be found below. The download link to the e-PMN software with encryption can be found on EPA's CDX registration website once submitters have registered with CDX and EPA has approved their registration.

Read more about the rule (PDF) (65 pp, 1.2MB).

On this page you will find:


The e-PMN software enables manufacturers (including importers) of TSCA chemical substances to use the Internet, through EPA's CDX, to submit TSCA section 5 notices to the Agency. These notices include:

In order to submit documents electronically to EPA, you must pre-register with CDX and be approved by EPA. Two types of submitters may register with CDX: Authorized Officials and Support Registrants. Refer to Helpful Hints for CDX (PDF) (10 pp, 43K) for more information on the registration process and who may submit.

If you have technical issues or problems regarding the e-PMN software or CDX registration, please contact the CDX Help Desk at helpdesk@epacdx.net or 888-890-1995. International callers who wish to contact the Help Desk should call 970-494-5500. If you have programmatic questions, please contact Kathryn Schechter at 202-564-8589 or e-mail Schechter.Kathryn@epa.gov, Anna Coutlakis at 202-564-9207 or e-mail Coutlakis.Anna@epa.gov, or Loraine Passe at 202-564-9064 or e-mail Passe.Loraine@epa.gov.

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Central Data Exchange (CDX)

Central Data Exchange eTSCA/e-PMN Registration User's Guide (PDF) (44 pp, 8.6MB) (CDX User's Guide - This guide describes how to use CDX to submit TSCA section 5 documents to EPA via the Internet.)

Helpful Hints for CDX Registration and Submission of the e-PMN (PDF) (10 pp, 41K)

CDX Registration

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e-PMN Software Download (version WITHOUT encryption software)

Electronic Toxic Substances Control Act (eTSCA)/e-PMN Reporting Tool (PDF) (68 pp, 4.6MB) (e-PMN User's Guide - This guide describes how to use the e-PMN tool to create various TSCA section 5 reporting forms.)

Helpful Hints for Use of the eTSCA/e-PMN Submission Software (PDF) (16 pp, 54K)


NOTE: This software cannot be used to submit electronically via CDX; submit via an optical CD.

eTSCA/e-PMN Client Download for software without encryption.

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Registration and Software Definitions

Who is an Authorized Official and what can an Authorized Official submit?

An Authorized Official is a person in a company legally responsible for the data in the notice submission. Generally this would be the person who signs the certification page on the paper version of the PMN form. Under CROMERR, the person who submits a document via CDX is equivalent to this wet-ink signature.

An Authorized Official may submit any section 5 document via CDX to EPA. This includes section 5 Notices (PMN, SNUN, LVE, TMEA, LoREX, Modifications to LVE and LoREX, Biotechnology, NOC and Letters of Support) and support documents to the section 5 Notices (amendments, test data, and correspondence). Note: Only Authorized Officials may submit section 5 Notices.

Who is a Support Registrant and what can a Support Registrant submit?

A Support Registrant is a person designated by an Authorized Official to submit supporting documents on behalf of an Authorized Official. The Support Registrant can be another person from the Authorized Official's company or can be an agent or consultant from outside the company.

A Support Registrant may submit only support documents to section 5 Notices (amendments, test data, and correspondence). Note: Only Authorized Officials may submit section 5 Notices.

Why are there two versions of the e-PMN software?

EPA needed to limit accessibility of e-PMN software that contained the encryption software (FIPS-validated RSA BSAFE Crypto-J) because of Export Administration regulations. Therefore, the Agency made a more easily accessible version of the e-PMN software available that does not contain the encryption portion of the software.

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