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Confidential Business Information (CBI)

WARNING - DO NOT e-mail any CBI to EPA. EPA's e-mail system is NOT secured to protect CBI.

CBI Faxes and Telephone Calls

Companies communicating with EPA by telephone or fax are advised that the lines are not secure. When you have a telephone conversation with EPA involving confidential business information (CBI), please confirm with the EPA representative (program manager, chemist, prenotice coordinator, etc.) that you are authorized to discuss CBI. If you are faxing CBI material to EPA, you must contact a new chemicals program staff person prior to faxing to ascertain that they are in the office that day and ready to receive the fax AND the fax must be appropriately identified by the submitter as CBI. The fax should include a cover sheet with the name of the EPA recipient and the total number of pages.

The New Chemicals Notice Management Branch and New Chemicals Prenotice Branch fax number is 202-564-9490.


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