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PFOA Stewardship Program Description

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EPA is taking action to help minimize the potential impact of PFOA on the environment. In January 2006, former EPA Administrator Johnson (PDF) (3 pp., 138 KB, About PDF) initiated the PFOA Stewardship Program, in which the eight major companies in the industry committed voluntarily to reduce facility emissions and product content of PFOA and related chemicals on a global basis by 95 percent no later than 2010, and to work toward eliminating emissions and product content of these chemicals by 2015. By March 1, 2006, EPA received Company Commitment Letters from all eight invited companies.

Company Commitment Letters

Corporate commitment letters should include commitments to both goals of the Stewardship Program:

1)To commit to achieve, no later than 2010, a 95% reduction, measured from a year 2000 baseline, in both: facility emissions to all media of PFOA, precursor chemicals that can break down to PFOA, and related higher homologue chemicals, and product content levels of PFOA, precursor chemicals that can break down to PFOA, and related higher homologue chemicals.

2)To commit to working toward the elimination of PFOA, PFOA precursors, and related higher homologue chemicals from emissions and products by five years thereafter, or no later than 2015.

Companies participating in this 2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Program will be asked to submit their year 2000 baseline numbers for emissions and product content to EPA by October 31, 2006. To ensure transparency, companies will submit annual public reports on their progress toward the goals in October of each successive year, expressing their progress in terms of company-wide percentage achievements both for U.S. operations and for the company's global business. Companies will also provide to EPA detailed information on their progress in support of their public reports. By participating in the Program, companies grant permission to EPA to share information submitted under the Program with its contractors, including information contained within detailed progress reports that may be claimed as confidential.

These chemicals present considerable scientific challenges in ensuring accurate and reproducible results in chemical analyses. To ensure that the results reported under the 2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Program are both comparable and reliable, each participating company will also commit to work with EPA, other PFOA Stewardship Program participants, and others in order to establish scientifically credible analytical standards and laboratory methods for measuring the chemicals in the program by 2010, the first goal attainment year. Participants will also make a general commitment to continue research to better understand the sources, pathways of exposure, and potential risks of these chemicals.

All eight invited companies have committed to the Program, and their letters appear below on this page. The letters are presented in PDF file format and are linked from the company name.

 Received on January 25, 2006  Received on March 1, 2006

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